Shaadi Mubarak 12 November 2020 Written Update : Rati defame Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Baldev tells Bhua that she should just go with him and expel KT from the house and bind Preeti to the old customs and take away her freedom. Also, they should inquire about this drama. Bhua says that she has full faith in Preeti. Baldev warns that she should not trust Preeti excessively. Bhua says that she will not insult Preeti by asking such questions. Preeti says that she will never let Bhua’s trust break. Rati thinks she should make Preeti fall in Bhua’s eyes.

Further, KT and Preeti are busy organizing the event. Preeti and KT bump into each other. Preeti sees here and there that to know if someone has seen her. Later Preeti’s pallet gets stuck with something. KT helps her remove it. Rati thinks why no one is looking at their closeness. Then a person is taking flowers to decorate the room. Rati thinks of taking advantage of this opportunity.

Sheena tells KT and Preeti on a video call about an event they can organize. In which a 16-year-old child wants to get his parents married again. KT and Preeti are ready to organize that event. On the other hand, Rati carries out her plan. Bhua and Puffa Ji are getting married. KT informs Preeti that they have to decorate Bhua’s room. Preeti and KT go to Bhau’s room to decorate the room. In the flashback, Rati is shown to have tampered with the bed in which she has cut the legs of the bed. Later, Marriage is complete. Bhua praises Preeti, saying that she organized a very good program. Kusum tells Bhuya that Preeti is not present here. Rati says they should go wherever Preeti is and give her a surprise. Baldev tells that he notices Preeti going to Bhua’s room.

They all go there but the door is closed from inside. Rati works by pouring ghee in the fire and asks why this door is locked. Baldev breaks the door and finds Preeti and KT lying on the bed which had fallen due to the weak legs of the bed. Bhua asks Preeti what was going on here. Baldev says that he had already told that these two have an illegal relationship. KT gets angry and tells Baldev to stop his nonsense. Preeti tells KT to calm down and elaborately tells Bhua that when they were doing the work of decoration in the room, the bed broke and it happened. Baldev says does if she consider them as idiot. Preeti asks Bhua to trust her. Bhu asks why the door was locked from inside.

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