Anupamma 12 November 2020 Written Update : Anupama overtakes Vanraj

In the beginning of the episode, Anupama dreams of driving a car, in which she sees that she is roaming around with Hamshukh, Leela, Jhilmil, Pakhi, and others. Her dream breaks after some time and she opens the car giving Vanraj a look. Samar and Kinjal are happy to see her. Anupama opens the car door and sits in the car. Kinjal and Samar also join her.

Kinjal sits on the front seat with Anupama. Anupama says that for the first time she feels that this time her steering is on her hand. Kinjal asks Anupama to start. Anupama salutes Kinjal as she is her guru now. Kinjal tells her that when the streets are empty, then they will start the car. Leela goes inside the house. Jhilmil gives Tiffin to Vanraj. Vanraj gives Anupama a look.

Further, Vanraj’s leg gets hurt. Kinjal gives Anupama knowledge about the brake, accelerator and then asks her to start the car. Anupama says that Kinjal will do it first and she will see. Samar says she will learn to drive the car when she drives. Anupama understands his point, she puts on a seat belt and says that she is ready. Vanraj also sits in his car to leave for office.

While Anupama does as Kinjal teaches her and drives the car slowly. Whereas Vanraj asks her to be on the side. Kinjal teaches Anupama how to take the car to the side. Vanraj tries to overtake Anupama but his car breaks down and Anupama overtakes him. Samar sends Anupama’s video to Mamaji. Mamaji shows the video to Hansmukh. Hansmukh is happy.

Anupama drives the car and faces all the challenges while learning. While Vanraj is still stuck on the way. Kinjal asks should they drop him. To which Vanraj refuses. Later Anupama returns home. Nandni and Jhilmil are happy to see Anupama that she gracefully drive the car and come back home. Everyone happily dances to that bit of songs ” Aj me upar asman niche”. Paritosh and Leela watches them. Anupama asks did everyone sees that she take a full round of the whole street. Nandani says everyone saw it. Anupma is happy. She adds that she always had a desire to learn to drive a car which she will now fulfill.

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