Ishq Mein Marjawan2 12 November 2020 Written Update : Vansh jumps into the abyss

At the beginning of the episode, Vansh thinks that Riddhima’s love and her faith were all false and she is a fraud. Vansh recalls Riddhima’s old talk and finds that Riddhima was plotting against him since the very first day and he made Riddhima do the same. Kabir asks Vansh to follow him. Anupriya tries to stop him. Kabir tells him not to interrupt. He tries to sideline her. Vansh asks Anupriya not to fall in this matter. Kabir puts handcuffs in the hands of Vansh and thinks that even after all this the tension of Vansh is not over. He is about to leave with Vansh. Riddhima thinks that in just 10 minutes she will reach the VR mansion and save Vansh.

Anupriya begs Kabir to leave Vansh. Vansh tells her to calm down and assures that he will return soon. Later, Kabir and Vansh leave from there. Anupriya laughs after his departure and says that now Kabir will give such a terrible punishment to Vansh that he might have been never thought of. Riddhima notices Vansh on the way. She comes to the VR mansion and starts sitting in the car towards the direction of Vansh.

Anupriya tries to stop her by hitting the gun but Riddhima escapes. Anupriya tries to inform Kabir but the network is not working. Kabir takes Vansh to a hill. There Kabir tells Vansh that he only wanted to arrest him to break the pride that he did and now if Vansh wants, he can go from here because anyway his lawyers will save him in the court, so all these are of no use. Vansh starts to leave from there. Kabir thinks of encountering Vansh but Vansh steals his mind game and misses Kabir’s target. Vansh says that he knew that Kabir was going to do something similar. He adds that if Kabir has the courage, he should attack him from the front. The fight between the two begins. While Riddhima is coming towards Vansh. She confidently says that she will save Vansh soon. Kabir picks up the gun and tells Vansh that now he will die from his hands. Vansh laughs at him and says that a man like Kabir cannot kill him, he himself will decide what is going to happen to him. Vansh tries to kill himself by jumping off the hill. Riddhima stops him and is running towards him.

Vansh recalls the sweet moments he spent with Riddhima. Also, he remembers those things which were bitter. Riddhima asks Vansh what he is trying to do. Riddhima tells Vansh not to do any such act but Vansh jumps off from the hill. Riddhima tries to save Vansh but fails. Vansh jumps into the abyss. Riddhima questions Lord why did he allow this to happen. Kabir is smiling upon seeing her.

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