ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 12 November 2020 Written Update : Virat’s emotional outburst

At the beginning of the episode, Kamal was suffering from pain in the ambulance, and Sai was trying to help her out. Suddenly Kamal coughed loudly and remanded for water. Virat picked the bottle moved toward Sai, and she pushed her aside and told that he has bullets in his body we can not feed him water. Sai was panicking and shouting to drive fast and reach the hospital.

Doctors admitted Kamal, and at the same moment, Sai informed that Kamal blood group is O- which is very rare to find. Virat was about to contact blood banks for the blood. Sai said to him not to interfere, just do his work. Sai called Millin and informed him about everything, and requested him to come as soon as possible. Sai informed the doctor that the arrangement for blood is done, and just to start the operation.

Virat saw few miss calls and called back Bhavini and informed her that he is with Sai, and his father Bhavini gets jealous and tells him that they never get anyone else except you. Then First said he is his mentor, and today he has saved his life by risking his own life and gets emotional. Bhavani informed Virat that Samarat is missing, and there is no information about him.

Virat gets speechless and felt very bad about this. Bhavini insisted Virat come back bit Virat said he can not leave his duty at the moment. Virat convinced and told her that he will be back soon. Suddenly the nurse came and told Virat that Kamal wants to meet you urgently.

Sai was praying Hod For Kamal recovery as soon as possible. Virat was feeling guilty for Kamal and told him that he is sorry for the situation. Kamal said he is happy to die during his duty and feeling proud of it. Virat stopped him for telling such things. Kamal requested Virat not to mean any words of Sai because she is not matured till now.

Kamal takes a promise from Virat that after his demise, he will take care of Sai. Virat held his hand and gave him the promise that he will take care of Sai. Sai brought Flowers and started praying for Kamal. The operation was going on, and everyone was worried about him. Suddenly flames of Diva get off Sai get worried and again lighted them. Doctors were using shocker, but Kamal did not respond, then the doctor covered his face with the white blanket.

Episode end

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