Qurbaan Hua 13 November 2020 Written Update : Parmukh get a shocker on Neel come back

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat gets fainted in Neel’s arms then he picked her and laid her on a chair. Neel was sprinkling water on Chahat face after a while, Chahat opened under eyes and saw Neel in front of her and tells him that she knows you will come back. Parmukh dragged him and said not to take advantage of the situation.

Godhmbhari said not to lie because he has seen Neel dying in the factory. Naveli also taunted Neel. Neel said he is not pranking anyone he is real Neel, and he destroys the decoration. Parmukh grasped him and stop him, and said not to be over smart, suddenly Vyas Ji entered, and Parmukh indicated towards him. Parmukh was telling Vyas Ji that Someone is pretending to be Neel, Vyas Ji said Neel is alive and give the forensic report to Parmukh. Vyas Ji thanked God and said to everyone that Neel is alive and standing in front of you, and you all are not ready to accept.

Chahat says that she does not doubt that he is Neel than Chahat took Neel with him inside the house and was telling him that with him the house was very unhappy. Godhmbhari came from the back, and try to stop Chahat from taking Neel upstairs, but she Didn’t listen to her. Neel notices Saraswati’s portrait, which was kept at the wrong place, then he picked and placed him. After entering the room, Neel switched off the lights and said he don’t want to reveal his burnt face. Godhmbhari was telling Vyas Ji, but Vyas Ji showed our hand gestures and said, her to keep quiet. Neel then acknowledges what happened to him after how he came here.

Then Chahat said she knew all shadows which she felt was of him. Parmukh was thinking in his mind that he will do anything to snatch Chahat from Neel. Neel said Chahat to leave this house and go because he can’t see this torcher on her. Neel shares his feelings with Chahat, and he fears losing her, and then Chahat says that she can not go from here leaving him in this condition. Neel insisted Chahat go from here, but Chahat kept her fingers on Neel’s lips and mute him.

Episode end

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