Kundli bhagya 13 November 2020 Written Update : Bani dadi takes a huge step

At the beginning of the episode, Grandma sprays kerosene on herself and says that the one who wants to fight can fight because she is going to die now. As she cannot see all this. Rishabh asks Sarla and Ramona to stop their nonsense. And he takes Dadi out from there.

Later, Preeta asks Sarla why she fought like this. Sarla says because Ramona was wrong. Preeta says that everyone knows that Ramona was wrong but she should not need to behave like this. Sarla apologizes because Dadi took such a big step because of her. Sarla adds but why doesn’t Preeta try to stop her. Srishti says if Preeta had stopped her, would she have been silent. Sarla says no. But she is ashamed that grandmother got so upset that she took a bath with kerosene. Srishti says that Grandma was also pretending like Mahira. Preeta and Sarala scold Srishti for this.

Further, Sarla asks Preeta why she did not tell her that Mahira is also fasting for Karvachauth and she has got permission for this too. Preeta says that she herself did not know about this. And she feels that the elders gave her this permission so that Mahira does not take any wrong step. Sarla understands her point and apologizes for misunderstanding her.

Sarla thinks that now she should go and meet Dadi before she leaves. There, Ramona gets angry at Dadi’s actions. She uses words against her grandmother. Mahira advises Ramona to calm down. But Ramona does not stop cursing Grandma. Ramona says that she will teach Preeta and Sarla a lesson. She and Mahira plot against Preeta. Ramona tells Mahira to bother Preeta so much that this Karvachauth is her last Karvachauth. Ramona thinks about apologizing to Dadi and at the same time she thinks that she will provoke Dadi against Sarla so that all the charges are leveled against Sarla.

On the other hand, Rishabh and Karan scold Dadi for her antics. Grandma says that Sarla and Ramona don’t want to stop their fight so to handle the situation she did it. Karan asks her not to do anything like this from now on. Grandma nods her head in yes. Just then Ramona comes to apologize to Dadi and provokes Dadi against Sarla. Before Ramona leaves the room she tells Karan and Rishabh to take care of Mahira. Rishabh says of course. After Ramona leaves Rishabh tries to show Dadi the real face of Ramona. While Sarla comes and apologizes. Sarla cries and asks the grandmother to forgive her for her mistake. Karan and Rishabh ask Sarla to calm down.

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