kumkum bhagya 13 November 2020 Written Update : Prachi is in danger

At the beginning of the episode, Sanju was taking Prachi upstairs in a sack at the same time, Sarita rang Prachi, and her phone started ringing loudly. Sarita noticed and doubted that Prachi might be inside the sack. Sanju rushed inside a room and locked himself with the sack. Sarita came and started banging on the door.

Sanju rang Aliya and informed her about the situation then Aliya told him to escape from that place as soon as possible. Sarita went to Pragya and informed her about Prachi and al the incident. Then Pragya and Sarita went to that room and found no one in the room. Ranbir was watching himself in the mirror and recalling Pallavi talks. Suddenly his phone rang, and Pallavi told him to come fast. Pallavi said to Riya that now Ranbir will do what she will say.

Pragya was searching Prachi in the room. Pragya rang Prachi, and her phone was sounding engaged, then told Sarita that she is fine and will call back. Aliya says to Riya that now Sanju will take off Prachi from Ranbir’s life, and Ranbir will be hers. Sarita noticed mud stamps and doubted that something is weird. Sanju was talking to Prachi that he has come this long way for her.

Sanju was taking the sack and came across Abhi, then he grasped him, and another fellow stabbed on his head, after which he collided. Pragya saw Abhi lying on the ground and picked him with the help of Rajveer. Prachi regained his conciseness and tried to escape, but he saw her and caught her again.

Prachi tells him that he loves Ranbir after listening to this Sanu tried her hand and stuffed a cloth in her mouth. Sanju said if she doesn’t love him that she will not have the right to live and said he will tie her inside the Ravan Monique. Pragya was sitting beside Abhi, and after a while, he woke up, and Pragya asked her how all this happened, then Pragya told him about Sarita doubt.

Then they got to know that Prachi has been kidnapped. Sanju tied Prachi at the backside of Ravan Monique his friend was trying to stop, but he was not listening to him at all.

Episode end

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