Choti Sarrdaarni 12 November 2020 Written Update – Meher is in big trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Sarab got to know that his family is in danger, and he immediately went to his home. There was struggling with goons. Sarab called Harleen, but she was not able to hear him clearly as she was at the party with Robie. Sarab tries to take a lift from someone to reach home fast. One goon was about to shoot Meher from behind. Vikram dropped a voice note to Aditi before going to Sarab mansion.

Sarab reached there and pushed Sarab before the bullet hits her. Param felt happy seeing Sarab. Sarab stared beating goons there. Karan was about to fall from Meher’s hand, but Sarab grasped him.

Harleen meet with Pathak at the party, where he apologized to her and gave her a gift, and requested her to forgive him as they were good friends long back. Kulwant packed sweets for Meher.

Vikram reached the mansion and saw Sarabjeet was hustling with goons to see Karan. Vikram shoots all the goons and kisses him. Goons dragged Meher and param inside a room and locked it.

Sarab and Vikram start searching cor then suddenly they hear Param Voice and went on following his voice. Goons warned Vikram to drop his gun.

Kulwant reached and gets shocked and warning them to free her daughter, but goons warned her and said, her to move back. Goons took Karan from them and tied everyone. Goons said, Meher not to move as they have planted a bomb which will blast after 10 minutes if she tries to escape, then it will blast soon.

Sarab started panicking, and Vikram tires to save Karan. Sarab unties his rope and moved towards Meher. Sarab signals Meher to pull out the pin from his turban, then he freed everyone, but Meher advised Sarab to save Karan and Param first. Sarab tries to defuse the bomb, but Meher advised him not to come close.

Episode end

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