Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Armaan and Abhira getting miserable and thinking about one another. Lambi judaai… .plays… Dadi sees Armaan. Kajal approaches Sanjay. She asks did you converse with judge. He says not yet. She says we are in Armaan’s baraat. He says I m difficult, Madhav is absent from the emergency clinic. Vidya inquires as to for what reason is he in the clinic, is he fine. Sanjay says he was with his companion. She asks did you converse with him. He says OK, he is coming. She says thanks to him. Madhav strolls out and about. He asks the man what’s the date today. The man says eleventh. Madhav reviews Dadi’s words and recruits an auto. He says I will pay you, I m a police officer. The driver requests that he inconvenience another person. Abhira sees the haldi variety on her hand and rubs it. Armaan sees the turtle toy. She says Armaan is wedding Ruhi, and the rasams occurred with me, stop this awful destiny. Krish asks Armaan will we go to Mussoorie. Aryan says simply go, we will deal with Dadi. Armaan says I m fine. They say Abhira was the flavor, variety and rainbow of your life, don’t let her go. Charu asks them to simply come. They all dance on Kaala shakaala…

Abhira comes and gets down on Armaan. He grins seeing her. Everybody freezes. She moves on Sajna ve… . He envisions Abhira. Abhira figures I will miss you Armaan, however I need to go. He says Abhira… . Abhira sees the baraat. Her bangle tumbles off. Armaan glances around and picks it. He says it implies Abhira is here, is this some indication of destiny. He attempts to show her the turtle toy. Dadi stops him. Guide closes the transport entryway. Dadi says heart sees what you need to show, don’t think back, continue on. Manish invites Sushant. He says I m stressed, Ruhi doesn’t have any idea and comprehend. Sushant says you have spent a ton on marriage. Manish says OK, simply sit back and relax, I will return your cash with revenue. Suwarna asks what cash. Manish says we put resources into stocks, come, baraat has shown up. Ruhi hurries to the window and sees Armaan. She grins. She goes to Neil and Aarohi’s pic. She says you realized Armaan is my perfect partner and you made us meet, simply favor me. The diya is brushed off. She takes a matchbox to light it. Manish and Suwarna invite Armaan. Ruhi says no, this can’t occur that my mum and father don’t favor me. She closes the window. Suwarna and Surekha come. Ruhi tells about the diya. Suwarna appeases her. Armaan considers Abhira. Suwarna petitions God for Ruhi. Surekha says perhaps you were requesting an off-base thing. Ruhi says I m getting Armaan, I ought to have requested euphoria. Ruhi comes. Armaan messages Abhira. She peruses his message. She requests that they stop the transport.

Vidya calls Madhav. Sanjay really looks at the call. She thinks only come for the good of Armaan. Sanjay calls the appointed authority. He says Armaan and Abhira’s division ought to get last, what, it will require fourteen days. Kajal says this marriage can’t occur now. He stops her. Vidya sees Ruhi and avoids terrible sight. Manish takes Armaan on the stage. Ruhi comes. Armaan and Ruhi take the wreaths. Ruhi thinks for what reason is Armaan disturbed. Ruhi goes to make him wear the laurel. Armaan says sorry Ruhi, I love Abhira. She is stunned.

Armaan says I love Abhira. Manish slaps him. Madhav says Abhira, Armaan and you… . She swoons. Suwarna admonishes Armaan. Krish and Manisha take Armaan. Ruhi asks Armaan not to leave her.