Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Abhira getting miserable. Armaan comes to the room. They begin contending. He says our separation needed to occur. She says we have less time now. He says you said you have come to save my folks’ marriage, you are taking off. She says OK, I heard your statement, you requested that I avoid family matters. He yells on her for giving misleading declaration in court. She says I need to proceed to wash up, then, at that point, study. He pours water over her head. She requests that he stop frenzy. He says you got it done, for what reason did you lie. She says I m exhausted of all of you, I can’t stand you. Suwarna says Abhira let in the court know that her marriage was constrained. Surekha says you said she is succumbing to Armaan. Suwarna says Manish is against Armaan and Ruhi’s connection. Surekha asks everything will we say to Manish, he softens heart for Abhira. Manish gets some information about Abhira. Abhira chides Armaan.

She says stay cheerful in the event that you are getting free soon, how will I respond, what is it that you need, I m not a punching pack, I m a human and have feelings, I need to remain a typical life, one needs to battle for each little thing in this house, I can’t do it now. Armaan says father has placed his marriage on stake for the wellbeing of you, everybody battles for you, I additionally upheld you. She says you are harming me, leave me. He says I will continuously lament this, I didn’t see an egotistical young lady like you, I won’t give a spot to your recollections in my heart, I can’t endure you and this marriage, we are finished. They cry.

Sanjay gets some information about Charu and Krish. She says Charu remains alone nowadays, Krish has gone on a music visit. He asks how could he get cash. She says I didn’t give it. He says I wish Abhira didn’t assist him, I with willing actually look at his record. Surekha says don’t call Abhira. Manish says I need to converse with her. She says she won’t ever pardon you assuming she realizes you have stowed away this. Suwarna says OK, could you at any point come clean with her. Manish asks how might I conceal it, for what reason did she tell that in court. She says just Abhira knows it.

Armaan and Ruhi have a stroll to his unique spot. He sees Abhira’s name on the seat. She says some wicked youngster would have taken out Abhira’s name. He says its Abhira’s work. Abhira applies sindoor and reviews Armaan’s words. She cries.

Abhira says I shouldn’t cry, Madhav and Vidya love me, I ought to be content for them. Ruhi says I will get new seat for you. Armaan says its extraordinary seat for me, it was names of every individual who are demon to me. She says this doesn’t have my name, I m not devil to you. He says sorry Ruhi, I will compose your name. He says I need to compose your name and eliminate Abhira’s name. Abhira requests that Akshu embrace her. Ruhi requests that Armaan make a wish. She wants for her romantic tale to get total. Armaan likewise makes a wish. Abhira wants for Madhav and Vidya’s connection. Dadi converses with Madhav and Vidya. She says its sufficient now, I can’t endure this, I got Abhira home, however she would rather not stay here, she lied in that frame of mind to break the marriage, don’t say Armaan and Abhira are made for one another, assist me in my have a go at, all that with willing get fine. Abhira looks on and expresses gratitude toward Ruler. Dadi says prepare toward the beginning of the day, we will go for the puja together. She requests that Vidya apply sindoor well. Dadi requests that Manoj give cases to Armaan and send him away, it will occupy him. Manisha asks does mum shows at least a bit of kindness, she is sending Armaan to Delhi. Manoj says she will send him anyplace and get him far from this house. Ruhi looks on. She says Armaan is as of now much stressed, on the off chance that I tell everything to Vidya…

Armaan sees Abhira dozing in the grass. He sees her journal. He says your reality emerged, I thought you cried the entire evening, you can’t stand us. Krish comes and says its false, when I returned home at 6am, she was alert and crying, today her tests, don’t battle with her today. Armaan says she lied in the court, she detests me and needs to dispose of me. Abhira awakens and says my fantasies broke, I ought to stir.
Armaan says I m wedding Ruhi. Abhira eliminates the mangalsutra and compliments him. She leaves.