Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 February 2022 written update: Abhimanyu’s surprise for Akshu

In the beginning of the episode, Mahima says to Abhimanyu that he has no idea how parents feel to keep a kid away from themselves and he will only understand that when he becomes a father. He says to her that might be true, but he is Anisha’s big brother and can’t tolerate her leaving again. Anisha says to him for the first time she agrees with her parents that she doesn’t have a reason to stay. He gives her a doll and asks her if she remembers this. He says to her that when Anand send he him back from the hospital and he was crying that he couldn’t see the surgery and wanted to leave home. She brought her doll to him to ask for stitches as she was hurt. He says that she told him that she will pay the fees later, so he wants her to stay. She hugs him and he wipes her tears and takes her inside.

At night, Neil says to Abhimanyu that he has to plan something for valentine’s day as Akshu might be expecting something from him. He says she is not like that. He says to him at the end she is a girl and if she gets upset, he would have a lot of trouble to win her back. While Akshu sees Valentine’s day messages on his phone and says she will celebrate it with Abhimanyu as it is her first.

While Akshu with Manish, Arohi and Suvarna visit the temple. Akshu sees a walkie-talkie cup and buys it, her diary falls. Abhimanyu also arrived at the temple. Akshu distributes food, while they see each other. She hinte him to not come inside as the family is near. He gestures to her where her phone is, she gestures to him that she left it in the car. He gestures to her to meet him, she gestures to him to wait.

She gives him one end of the walkie-talkie cup. She asks him how everything is in the house. He tells her to talk about something else. She asks him if he knows what tomorrow is, and tells him about Valentine’s Day. He says to her that it’s a market scam, to make people buy things at an expensive rate. She tells him the importance of the day and asks him what they would do tomorrow. He says that they’ll do what’s on her mind, help Kairav and Anisha patch up. She thinks to herself that he is unromantic. He returns her diary to her, and tells her it fell out. She thanks him.

While leaving the temple Akshu says to Arohi that they should do something for Kairav and Anisha. She tells her that she would need her help but she has to keep it a secret. Akshu then thinks to herself that she will surprise Abhimanyu for valentine’s day.

Upcoming- Abhimanyu surprises Akshu with things that Naira wished to get for her, on Valentine’s day.

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