Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 February 2022 written update: Abhimanyu’s surprise for Akshu

In the beginning of the episode, In the morning Akshu sees a dream of Abhimanyu coming to her house to wish her Valentine’s day, she falls from the bed with Arohi. She then checks her phone and notices that Abhimanyu hasn’t even sent a text. She gets worried, Arohi says to her that doctors are boring so do not keep high expectations. She says to her that Abhimanyu is very romantic and he might just be busy. She then takes out Naira’s diary and reads it. Abhimanyu calls her and she cries and tells him that she misses him, he says he misses her too. 

She while holding Naira’s diary tells him that she is today also very much missing her mother’s presence. He says to her that he knows he can’t fill anyone’s place in her life but he will make sure that she never misses them. He says to her that when we lose someone they send somebody else in their place to keep them happy. She says in her case, her mother might have sent him in her life to love her. She tells him that her parents got married on Valentine’s day, so they should celebrate. He sees Anisha passing and says to her that he will talk to her later as they have to plan for Kairav and Anisha.

At the dining table, Akshu serves them heart shaped Kachori for everyone and feeds Kairav. She then feeds it to Arohi and says to her to meet her outside as they have to execute the plan for Kairav. Arohi thinks to herself that only she is single, and then says to herself that she isn’t a loser.

Akshu says to Kairav that she will ride with him, at the same time someone steals her purse and they follow him. Kairav reaches inside a place and finds Anisha there and locks them up. They tell them that for at least one hour the door is not going to open up, so they have to talk to each other. The lights are put on, and they see the decorations. Akshu says to them to fight but not for too long as it’s a day for love. Meanwhile, Arohi sits and feels jealous of everyone as they have a Valentine and she doesn’t. She hears Manish and Akhilesh talk about Kairav. She pretends to talk to Akshu and says the name of the garden they are at.

Akshu and Abhimanyu then walk hand in hand, she asks him how their day will go. He acts unaffected, so she changes the question and says how will the surprise be for Kairav and Anisha. He says to her to go along and he is feeling thirsty, so he will bring coconut water for himself.

Abhimanyu surprises Akshu with things that Naira wished to get for her, on Valentine’s day.

Upcoming- Akshu and Abhimanyu dance together. Manish gets angry to see them together and brings Akshu back from the garden and asks the guards to close the door, Abhimanyu stops them from closing it.

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