Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 November 2020 Written Update : Kairav’s unthinkable act

At the beginning of the episode, kairav, Vansh, and Krish were noticing the guards as they got a challenge in their school to bring the gun of their home guard to become the best member of the gang. Kairav was a little nervous, but Vansh and Krish were motivating him.

Naira says to Kartik that the children ran to play after their lunch no even rested for a while. Kartik told Naira that they are not old monks who have to relax after a meal. Naira told Kartik to see what they are doing. Vansh threw his ball and distracted on guard and who went to wash his hand as tea fallen on his hand. And to another guard, Vansh started talking. Krish pushed Kairav to go and bringing the gun. Kairav was slowly moving towards the gun.

Kairav picked the gun, and suddenly Kartik came and asked about Kairav, so he hid and then ran inside. While Naira was busy on another call. Kairav went inside the room and put it on the bed. Manish got angry, and the guard when he got to know that gun is missing. Vansh and Krish were forcing Kairav to give the gun into their hands also, but Kairav denied it.

Vansh started forcing with Kairav, and suddenly Naira came inside the room and saw them and felt weird, but she did not pay much attention and went off by putting Akshara over there. Vansh finally got the gun, and he started waving towards Akshara. Naira heard a gunshot sound and came inside the room. All the children were also shocked. Suddenly Kartik came and surprised them with the Diwali toy gun, Naira told Kartik to keep this type of thing away from the Children’s.

Kairav was panicking and feeling fear. Krish and Vansh did not allow him to return this gun. Naira was scolding Kartik for roaming around with the gun. Naira being overprotective tells Kartik to keep these things away as it promotes violence. The next day Manish praised Kartik for his presentation and made him head of the project, Gayu gets offended and tells Aleek to object, but he did not utter anything.

Kairav ran towards the dustbin to dump the gun suddenly her teacher noticed. Kartik denied becoming the head and said that Samarth had done a har work for it, and he deserves it. Suddenly Naira got a call from school that Kairav has a gun, and everyone gets Shocked.

Episode end

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