Yeh Hain Chahtein 17 November 2020 Written Update : Preesha gets intoxicated

At the beginning of the episode, Rudkraksh and Preesha were Boating, and Rudkraksh was feeling tired of Peddling, but he did not say anything. Rudkraksh notice Preesha was just acting like Peddling. Preesha was enjoying the view standing on the boat. Rudkraksh started shaking the boat, and suddenly Preesha feels on his arm. And a romantic moment for both of them.

Yuvraj was noticing both of them, and the strange lady was not in a mood to meet Pressha as she is very happy now. Preesha and Rudkraksh came inside, and Preesha was sneezing. Rudkraksh ordered a brandy for her and forcefully made her drink. Preesha felt better after that. Yuvraj was getting frustrated as the strange lady was not meeting Preesha. then she said she would meet today as it is the best option

Rudkraksh saw a sexy dress on her hand and started forcing her to wear. Preesha thought of drinking a little bit more brandy. Rudkraksh came and saw Preesha was acting intoxicated and then they had a couple of dance. Preesha slept after going to bed, and Rudkraksh gets irritated.

Rudkraksh thought of walking outside before going he instructed at the reception that no one should disturb Preesha. The strange lady was following Rudkraksh and kept one hand on his shoulder. Preesha woke up and called reception for Rudkraksh, and she got to know that Rudkraksh checked out and went to Delhi.

Preesha gets shocked. And thought of checking again and went to reception and started asking them. Preesha was getting irritated and argued with the receptionist that the manager showed him on the computer that Rudraksh had checked out and paid all dues.

Yuvraj woke up and found the strange girl was missing then he found her in the washroom, but there was also he did not found him. Preesha was totally confused about why Rudkraksh left her and went off.


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