Shaadi Mubarak 17 November 2020 Written Update : Kusum bursts into anger

At the start of the episode, AT’s purse falls into KT’s feet. KT picks up his wallet and is surprised to notice a photo of his. AT says why he is so shocked. He says that he is his fan, so the picture is with him. He tells that he has seen his film and his mother is also his fan. KT is happy and says that he will meet his mother soon. They go from there. AT comes to his mother and asks her if he did well. His mother says he did a little good but will do all right when he introduces her to his father.

Next, Sheena brings food for Preeti. KT gives Preeti his tiffin as Preeti does not like outside food. Preeti, after eating food, says that this food is like home. Juhi calls Preeti and asks if she had food. Preeti says yes and asks if Kusum ate. Juhi says no. Preeti advises Juhi to feed Kusum the food.
Further, Preeti notices that Sheena ordered khichdi for her that KT is eating. She gets emotional knowing this. AT is adding a photo of KT with her mother. His mother tells him that nothing will happen by doing so. He will soon have to reunite her with his father. Otherwise, she will die. AT promises to do it soon.

Preeti asks Kusum if she ate food. Kusum does not answer and gets into her work. Preeti tries to convince Kusum. But Kusum bursts into anger and says Preeti does not like and value the excellent relationship. So she lost a partner like KT for some low minded people. Preeti says but KT lied to her which hurts her. Kusum says that she is not his girlfriend or wife, whom he needs to tell everything.

She says Preeti does not like the real relationship. She maintains a relationship that is not fit to be fulfilled. She says she doesn’t digest good friendship. Preeti realizes that she did wrong with KT. There, KT sits down in his house, and he is sad too. He thinks to call Preeti but didn’t call her because Preeti is angry with him. Preeti is about to call KT but stops wondering what she will say to him as the word sorry is also short in front of her act.

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