Anupamma 17 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj lost his calm over a project

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj comes home and sees that Samar is dancing happily. Samar tells that he is happy because Anupama has received her fees. Anupama and others are happy. Vanraj thinks Anupama’s pride is skyrocketing due to the arrival of some money. He is about to go in, but he gets a call from his boss, he thinks that maybe he is calling him to give him a bonus.

Vanraj picks up the phone, and his boss scolds him because they lost a project. Vanraj feels sad. He imagines that Anupama is also taunting him and saying that she is happy today because she is right and he is wrong. Vanraj notices Kavya. He blames Kavya for losing the project and says that all this has happened because of her. Kavya denies this and angrily leaves.

There Leela and others are waiting for Vanaraj for Diwali worship. Dolly asks Anupama where Vanraj is. Anupama says she does not know. Leela says Anupama should have known. Hanshmukh says that Vanraj is not a child, whose guard should be done by Anupama. Paritosh calls Vanraj. There, Vanraj is fighting with a security guard because he asked Vanraj to give more money, which annoyed Vanraj.

There, Anupama asks Samar to ask Kavya where Vanraj is. Samar calls Kavya. Kavya disconnects the phone and sends a message that says that Vanraj is not here. Vanraj watches phone calls and runs for home. He finds that Diwali Puja is happening without him, and Pooja is doing Anupama. Vanraj is stunned. Leela tells Hansmukh that he did wrong by giving the right of worship to Anupama. Hansmukh says that we can wait for Vanraj but God can’t. Vanraj remembers Anupama when she gave him half a house in Diwali’s gift.

Anupama performs Diwali Aarti. He also remembers taunts of Kavya and Babuji. And gets angry. Puja ends there. Dolly says Puja is over, but Vanraj does not come. Hansmukh says that they should celebrate Diwali because it will be morning while waiting for Vanraj. They all make Diwali.

Anupama goes to Vanraj and says that he had already forgotten the responsibility of being a husband and has forgotten the responsibility of a son too. Vanraj says this house belongs to him then she should be silent. Anupama says that this house belongs to Babuji and the children, his job is to handle them and today he was not there, so she took over.

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