ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 17 November 2020 Written Update : Sai took an unexpected step

At the beginning of the episode. Virat wrote his Nagpur address and number on a notepad and told her to call if she needs him anytime. Virat said that today if she doesn’t need him, But what about the future? Sai says sorry to Virat for her behavior. Virat was recalling Sai words while he was packing his bags. He recalled Sai was telling her a murderer and taunting him that she would not take his help even if she dies.

Virat recalled that Patralekha is getting married to Samrat. And in aggression, he burns the flower which she gave to him. And then suddenly he stopped the fire and kept those Flowers back in his diary. Virat recalled that Patarlekha was calling him, and she needs his friend in her bad time. Sai started crying while watching her childhood pics. Sai Started talking with herself, who will now care for her. Who will do her head massage? Sai recalled all his past moments with Kamal. Sai imagined Kamal is telling her to eat something as she has not eaten anything from yesterday.

While watching the pics, the same dialogue was repeating in her mind. Kamal was forcing her to eat something as telling him. That he is with her only. Suddenly? Window glass broke due to heavy wind. Bhavini taunted Patralekha. By telling that she used to keep fasting for many days, and she becomes ill in one day. Ashani invited. Everyone. To open their fast with their husband.

Bhavini gives a portrait of Samraat to Patralekha, But she imagined Virat While closing her eyes. But Paterlekha was confused that what she would do? Sai started writing a suicide letter, and she writes that everything which she is doing will be responsible for her only. And transfer all her Property to Usha Moshi. She cut her nerves and collapsed there. Usha Mausi came to feed her And notices blood flowing out of the door, and she immediately called Milinda Kaka to break the door.

Virat told the officer to keep an eye on Sai and take care of her, and you also instructed him to inform him about her condition. The officer said to him to come soon.

Episode end

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