Imlie 17 November 2020 Written Update – Imlie wins an Award

The episode starts with Imlie takes a doll and sees the other doll kept and sees her mother crying and say that the wound has healed, why she keeps her pain, once I win the prize, I will make the big house of two rooms like a palace. Aditya comes to Malini’s home, Dev asks about his assignment, where Anu comes and humiliates Aditya. Anu told Aditya that the bike doesn’t suit the reputed family, it suits the youngsters and taunts him for riding the bike.

Anu told Aditya that he can take any of her old cars, but Malini interrupts them. Dev asks Aditya about the place, Aditya said Pagdandia. Malini said sorry to Aditya. Aditya told Malini that he is used for seven years also. Aditya leaves. Aditya explains that he had already talked to Anu. Nidhi said that Pagdandia is not safe. Aparna panics, but Aditya said that he will go and left for the Pagdandia.

Dev recalls his past moments with Mithi. Mithi drinks water, but Dulari throws the glass away and said that keeps her daughter together otherwise she will repeat your mistakes that she did 18 years ago. Imlie comes to school and climbs the gate and said that she will stay all night in school.

Dulari starts breaking the lock, where Mithi asks her to come. Imlie asks her mom that she will win a prize. Aditya reaches Pagdandia and asks for Satyakam but Jainandra says keeps her scooter’s key. Imlie wakes up for school and asks Dulari for not waking up today, Imlie runs fastly and leaves for school, Imlie runs and collapses with Aditya, Aditya fell and sees his recording.

Imlie reaches school and secretly moves into the class by crawling into the benches but gets caught by her teacher. The teacher said her to become cock because she gets late every day. Later the teacher announces the winner’s name who gets the scholarship. Imlie gets so happy after hearing her name as the winner, and got the scholarship, Imlie starts crying and hugs the teacher happily.

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