Kundali bhagya 18 November 2020 Written Update : Sherlyn gives shocking news

At the beginning of the episode, Mahira asks Dadi and Kareena for the pair’s blessings. Grandma and Kareena bless her. Dadi gives Mahira her sargi. Sherlyn gets a call from Prithvi. She picks up his phone and Prithvi asks her about Preeta. Sherlyn says if he wants to ask about Preeta, don’t call her. Prithvi says he only wanted to find out what was going on in Luthra House. He asks her if she fasted for him. Sherlyn refuses and disconnects the phone. Prithvi thinks that now who will fast for his long life.

Further, the program of sargi ends. The grandmother performs rituals associated with Karwachauth. Grandma asks about Sherlyn. Sherlyn comes and says that she is not fasting on Karvachauth. Because she and Rishabh didn’t have a husband-wife relationship, she tells them that there is a fight between them everyday and she cannot keep the fast because she is pregnant. Rishabh gets shocked. Dadi and Kareena are happy and bless her. Mahira and Kritika also congratulate her. Sherlyn asks if Rishabh is he not happy. Rishabh says he is glad it is just that he has a hard time to absorb this news. Preeta hugs Sherlyn and says it is good that she gave this news to everyone.

Next Srishti thinks whether she should keep fast. She thinks she will not keep because she is not married and she is hungry too. Srishti asks for breakfast from Sarla. There, Preeta brings Juice to Karan and Sameer. Dadi scolds Karan and Sameer and says that Preeta has kept fast so why are they giving her work. Karan says he told Girish to bring Juice for him. Preet tells Dadi that Karan is right. Girish was the one who is going to bring the Juice, but he was busy, so she got it.

Afterwards, Rishabh is going to the office. Kareena forbids him to go out. Sherlyn tells Mahira that she had already said that Rishabh is not worried about her. Mahira tells Rishabh that he should take care of Sherlyn instead of going to the office. Rishabh says okay he is not going to the office. Meanwhile, Preeta’s health is knocked down. Grandma asks her to take a rest.

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