Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 February 2022 written update: Manish reaches the garden

In the beginning of the episode, Akshu reaches the center of the garden and sees a cupid standing there and says to him that she came here by mistake and the surprise is for someone else, the cupid shoots his arrow on Akshu. All the things that Naira mentioned that she wished to get for her were present there. She then sees a woman coming and says ‘Maa’, then she sees Manjuri. Manjuri hugs her and says to her to never again say that she doesn’t have a mother as she is her mother. She then leaves and says to Akshu to spend time with Abhimanyu who planned this surprise for her.

Abhimanyu comes and says to her that he is sorry for reading her diary. She hugs him and says that this is the best surprise she has got in her life. She then tells him that she also has something for him, and takes him to her rehearsal place. Akshu and Abhimanyu dance together.

They sit together in the garden, when Akshu hears Manish’s screaming her name and gets scared. He says to her that he thought about forgiving her, but she didn’t give him the opportunity. She says to him that she is sorry for him coming and finding her here, but she’s not sorry for finding her with Abhimanyu. He asks her to come with him. While leaving he also sees Kairav and Anisha together, and asks them to come with him.

Manish arrives at home and gets angry and tells everyone that he found Akshu and Kairav with Abhimanyu and Anisha. He says that Akshu has before let their head down but today Kairav also let him down. He says that both his kids only found someone to fall for in the Birla family. He gets hyper and Suvarna says to him to relax, she says that he did the right thing by bringing the kids back. She says it was only possible because Arohi told them about everything, Akshu and Kairav looked disappointed towards her.

Manish says that he doesn’t want Abhimanyu anywhere near his house and kids. They hear Abhimanyu’s bike, and go outside. Abhimanyu says to Manish that he wants to talk to him. Manish asks the guards to close the door, Abhimanyu stops them from closing it, and pushes hard and opens the door. He says to him that he can’t keep Akshu and him away from each other. He says to him that he isn’t any loafer and Kairav isn’t any goon, he loves Akshu and Kairav loves Anisha. He says to him that one day the door he wants to close on his face, he will bring his Barrat to.

Upcoming- Manish calls the inspector and asks him to arrest Abhimanyu. Akshu opens the door and goes towards him and is about to fall, Abhimanyu gets out of the inspector’s hold and saves her. The inspector falls and then says for attacking an on duty officer he is under arrest.

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