Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 February 2022 written update: Manish calls the police

In the beginning of the episode, Manish says to Abhimanyu that he has asked so many questions to him, so he wants to give him a reply that his family doesn’t like Akshu and she won’t be happy with him. Abhimanyu says no matter which family’s part he is, he and Akshu have till now kept the respect of the family. Manish says to him to leave, he says to him that he won’t leave this time without having a conversation. Manish closes the door on his face, he says from outside that he won’t leave without talking today and solving the problem. Manish says to Akshu to come inside, she says to him that she can’t leave Abhimanyu alone out here. Parth and Neil come to take Abhimanyu home, but he sends them back by saying that he won’t lose his cool.

Akhilesh comes and tells Manish that their contract didn’t get renewed and they will face loss. Manish calls the inspector and asks him to arrest Abhimanyu. The police arrive and tell Abhimanyu what drama he is doing here, even after being from a reputed family he is standing outside another family’s house. The police ask him to leave or he’ll beat him up until he leaves. The inspector holds him and says he will arrest him.

Akshu says she won’t let this happen and opens the door and goes towards him and is about to fall, Abhimanyu gets out of the inspector’s hold and saves her. The inspector falls and Akshu and Abhimanyu help him stand up and says that he falled by mistake. The inspector says for attacking an on duty officer he is under arrest. Akshu says to him to not argue or the inspector will make a bigger case on him, he says he won’t say anything. The inspector says to the Goenka’s to come to the police station and sign on the F.I.R.

Neil at his house comes down his stairs and tells his family that Abhimanyu has been arrested and taken to the police station for attacking an on duty police officer. Manjuri falls unconscious and Harshwardhan says to Mahima to look after her, while they’ll go and get Abhimanyu. Kairav holds back Akshu and says she will get hurt, while Akhilesh and Manish drive away.

Manish and Akhilesh try to leave the house in the car to the police station, Akshu says to him that Abhimanyu is at no fault. Manish says to Vansh to tell Akshu and Kairav that if any of them come to the police station, he won’t return back home. While the car starts, Akshu says to him to not punish Abhimanyu for loving her.

Upcoming- Akshu arrives at the police station and says to arrest her also as Abhimanyu was standing outside her house because of her. Manish in his room looks at a family photo and has an attack, Arohi calls Akshu and she gets shocked.

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