Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Swarna interrogating Ruhi concerning Armaan and needing to know why Ruhi got drawn in to Rohit.

Ruhi answers nothing, making Swarna stressed seeing history rehashing the same thing.

Somewhere else, Armaan would rather not recurrent history and doesn’t have any desire to dishearten anybody all things considered.

He chooses to turn into the best child of the family and weights himself with that obligation.

At the Goenka House, Ruhi remembers to let Rohit know that she cherishes Armaan.

At Mussoorie, Abhira addresses Abhinav’s image and vows to care for Akshara.

All at once, a falling star passes by overhead driving Armaan, Ruhi, and Abhira to make a wish.

Armaan wishes Rohit and Ruhi’s blissful wedded life and the solidarity to persevere through the agony.

Ruhi wishes to sit tight a lifetime for Armaan as she realizes that he cherishes her.

Abhira wants for a new and blissful start for Akshara and her.

The following morning, the Poddars have a dance practice for Rohit’s Sangeet when Rohit gets some information about Armaan.

Sanjay states that Armaan would get ready to battle a case for an unfortunate client when Armaan ends up coming first floor.

Rohit requests that Armaan leave his work and dance however Armaan comes up with a rationalization to try not to move as he needs to zero in on a significant case.

Notwithstanding, Rohit doesn’t let him go, making Armaan surrender, expressing that he will move till the drums roll.

Then again, Akshara and Abhira leave for Delhi when they get obstructed by a wedding parade.

They go to check assuming the street will get clear when Yuvraj’s presence shocks them who inquires as to whether she has missed him.

Akshara gets stressed for Abhira while Yuvraj asks Akshara for what good reason she sits around idly and proposes to Abhira for marriage.

Abhira sees firearms and ropes consequently making her mindful of Yuvraj’s capturing plan and prevents Akshara from showing mental fortitude.

She asks Akshara to simply run yet Yuvraj through his thugs gets them captured.

Afterward, Armaan acts in Rohit’s Sangeet, making Ruhi discouraged as Armaan has failed to remember her unexpectedly early.

Armaan conceals his feelings and spreads a grin when he gives Ruhi’s hand to Rohit driving him to destroy wildly.

Thus, Armaan leaves when Ruhi meets him and asks him not to deceive himself.

Ruhi asks Armaan what will happen when she gets hitched to Rohit and states that she doesn’t believe he should hurt himself.

Armaan states that his family starts things out however Ruhi requests that Armaan be gallant while Armaan says that he is faithful to his loved ones.

He uncovers reality that he isn’t Vidya’s child and doesn’t have any desire to break Dadi’s pride and heart by conflicting with the family.

Ruhi says that she won’t be cheerful in the wake of wedding Rohit yet Armaan demands her to wed Rohit.

She says that she can’t see Armaan with any other individual, making Armaan express that he will continuously cherish her.

Ruhi gets grief stricken when Armaan doesn’t alter his perspective and leaves, letting Armaan be.