Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Armaan being stunned hearing Yuvraj’s voice on Abhira’s telephone while Yuvraj lets him know that he needs to go to his union with Abhira.

Armaan blows up and compromises him yet Yuvraj lets him know that he can do nothing yet Akshara will follow through on the cost.

Somewhere else, the grandma takes Ruhi to the corridor for the Mehndi function while Armaan surges out and drives away.

Vidhya approaches to put Mehndi and Rohit’s names on Ruhi’s palm while Ruhi closes her eyes, engrossing the agony of having Rohit’s name rather than Armaan’s.

In the mean time, Yuvraj has caught Abhira and takes steps to hurt Akshara in the event that she doesn’t wed him.

Grandma lets Armaan know that he can’t leave his sibling’s marriage regardless of how significant the case is.

Notwithstanding, Armaan tells her that the case is excessively significant and he should go.

Yuvraj has Abhira at gunpoint and tells her that she should cross him to contact her mom, driving her crazy.

He takes steps to kill Akshara while Abhira gets terrified and lets him know that she is prepared to wed her however he should save Akshara.

Yuvraj gets blissful and tells her that he has gotten ready for the wedding and they will get hitched right away.

Then again, Ruhi leaves the room on hearing that Armaan has left the wedding capabilities and is going to wipe the Mehndi when Swarna comes to her and tells her not to be absurd.

She tells her not to get hitched or, in all likelihood she will carry on with for her entire life in torment.

In any case, Ruhi tells her that she cherishes Armaan and he adores his family and in view of that he has made her commitment as she can’t break it.

On being asked how will she respond when Armaan will wed another person, Ruhi tells her that Armaan won’t ever cherish anybody the manner in which he adores her.

Notwithstanding, Swarna tells her that the obligation of marriage is solid and that after his marriage Armaan will have a place with his better half.

Ruhi advises her to let her live close to her adoration if not with him as she isn’t bound to be cherished.

Somewhere else, Akshara and Abhira attempt to get away from Yuvraj by causing an electrical shortcoming however Yuvraj gets them and lets them know that they don’t merit his tolerance in this manner, they will get hitched now.

Akshara attempts to work Abhira out of her choice to wed Yuvraj however Abhira tells her that she can’t put her life in danger.

In the mean time, Armaan compromises the cop of getting him terminated in the event that they don’t find Yuvraj right away.

Further, the overseer lets Armaan know that they have tracked down Yuvraj.

Somewhere else, Ruhi’s companion make an effort not to get into an untidy circumstance and disregard this penance yet she stays resolute.

Then again, Akshara demands Abhira not to demolish her life by wedding Yuvraj while Abhira stays calm.

Meanwhile, Akshara implores God to guard Akshara.

All at once, Armaan comes there and holds Yuvraj in an enrapturing grasp to get Abhira delivered.