Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 December 2020 Written Update : KairaKartik and Niara are in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Naira came back to her flat With Akshara, and there Kartik said no one came to his room it is his illusions Kartik said when we love someone, then they appear in front of us as an illusion. Naira recalled what the doctor said in the past about Kairav’s mental health. Naira was angry with her herself and scolding herself by seeing herself in the mirror. Kartik hugged and said, her to calm down. Kartik said everything well gets fixed soon. Naira said she had decided that she will not come in contact with Kairav as I have done wrong with him. Naira took a promise from Kartik that he will take care of Kairav.

Naira was doing Kathak in aggressive mode and also recalled how Kaieav was not willing to see her anymore. Dadi was seeing a selfie of the Kartik family and feeling happy, but she wished to see them all together in a video call, so she sent Kartik a faucet note. Kartik rang Naira, but she was busy and did not pick the call. Suddenly he saw Naira and said, her to lick the call by his gesture. Kartik told her Dadi wants to see all of us in a video call.

Manish said one month completed without them. Swarna said we should be positive towards this and sooner everything will be fixed soon. Manish said it would be better if he comes before his death. Dadi scolded him for speaking sich things in front of her. Gayu came with Vansh, she was using a stick to walk.

Krishna said Dadi to video call Kairav. Dadi called Kartik and Naira were there. Kartik talked with Krishna and asked her about her studies. Dadi requested him to show Kairav to her. Kartik went to his room and showed them as Kairav was sleeping. Dadi said today wake him up. Kartik and Naira were confused.

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