Yeh Hain Chahtein 2 December 2020 Written Update : Rudrakhsh and Preesha argued with each other

At the beginning of the episode, Rudkraksh said he will not risk Saransh’s life. Suddenly Gps came there, and both acted normal in front of him. Gps said he is leaving home and just wanted to make sure everything thing is fine between you both. Preesha said everything is fine and let Mahima stay here as she is recovering slowly. Rudkraksh was a little confused but acted normal in front of Gps. Everyone came down, and Preesha asked about Saransh to Shardha said he is with Mahima.

Rudkraksh angrily went upstairs and went to Saransh and picked him and brought him back to his room. Preesha saw him and asked why he did so. Rudkraksh said Mahima’s mental health is not good, so he can not risk Saransh’s life as she can do anything with him. Preesha and Rudkraksh started arguing with each other. Rudkraksh said Saransh will not stay with Mahima. Rudkraksh gave her the option to choose Saransh or Mahima whom he loves more. Preesha turned and slowly went outside the room. Rudkraksh closed the door.

Rudkraksh thought In his mind that Preesha would knock on the door, but Preesha thought now she is having the responsibility of Mahima, so she has to go to her. Rudkraksh opened the door to check, but no one was there. Preesha came to Mahima and saw she was sleeping with Saransh portrait. Rudkraksh was recalling his past moments. Preesha felt guilty for Mahima and said she will not let her bear all this as she will help to get back his son.

Rudkraksh also committed to himself that he will not spare Saransh from her. Mahima woke up and started searching for Saransh than she waked Preesha and asked about Saransh then Preesha said that Rudraksh thinks that it is not safe to leave him with you. Preesha said today she will come with us to the Rudraksh concert but Mahima denied to come with her.

Balraj was talking to Rudkraksh, but he was not replying. Balraj said that today Rudkraksh will come with him in his car. Saransh thought in his mind that again they fought. Ahan was in doubt that Mahima is really mentally weak or just she is acting. Ahana called Yuvraj and asked her about Mahima and said, him to gather information about Mahima.

Episode end

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