Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 2 December 2020 Written Update : Sai heard something shocking

At the begging of the episode, Virat apologizes with closed hands and says I am not embarrassed about it. You all influenced me there are many challenges in the best way, and bad things happen easily. Virat says, please try to understand why I chose to do this. Ashwini said Couples are made with luck. All daughter in law has to cope, and you will have to do this.

Ashwini Relates Virat is very great, he never deems about himself he always recalls about the comfort of others. Ashwini answers I have seen faith in your cores. Sai tells Ashwini I will move when I will become a doctor. Ashwini tells my son to marry you in front of everyone. It is your responsibility and freedom to stay here don’t engage anyone to take that off from you.

Mohit is seeking to sleep, but Karishma is very passionate as Kaku would tease Sai and not me. After Samrat, Pakhi and Virat’s way was clear, but now Sai and Usha are here. It’s going to be fun now. Virat asks Pakhi it’s too slow why hasn’t rested yet. Pakhi asks why did not he sleep? It’s his first night he should be with his wife. Why is he not with his wife? Virat tells her I tried to explain to you that this matrimony is just a deal.

Virat says this matrimony is just a deal, Sai knows it too and I will help her till she becomes a doctor. Pakhi says, but your family will have expectations. Virat says think of my mother how she would feel when she comes to know that this matrimony is an opportunity. Virat says I wish I would have been here to support you when Samrat’s news came. God knows where he would be and in what shape. Pakhi asks Virat, what place do I have in your lifetime?

Virat tells everyone wants a guide in life who escorts us always keeps us on the best path like Kamal sir was for me would you do the same for Sai? Virat says Bhavani Kaku, Omi kaka, Sonali, and even baba is annoyed with her it would be very difficult for her here. I just want you to explain to her how to barter with everyone. Pakhi answers it’s too slow and goes from there. Virat notices Sai has heard everything and gave a shocking reaction.

Episode end

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