Kumkum bhagya 3 December 2020 Written Update : Will Abhi marry Meera?

At the beginning of the episode, Riya asks Abhi to marry Meera for the sake of her happiness. Abhi says he can’t marry someone else, he only belongs to Pragya. Riya says she now feels insecure, she feels like Abhi is going far away from her. Thus she wants Abhi to marry Meera and leave Pragya and Prachi.

Abhi says Pragya truly loves then why she is feeling insecure. Riya says no she only Prachi thus she file a case against her. Abhi says no you’re thinking wrong. Aliya interrupts Abhi and says what Riya is saying is right. Riya says she needs a mother and her love, she wants to slap Prachi by getting a mother as she told that she doesn’t deserve her mother’s love. Abhi again tells her that he can’t marry anyone.

Riya says fine if you don’t marry Meera then I will this house and live on the roadside. Abhi gets shocked, he hugs her and says fine I will complete your wish. He says he will talk to Meera later as for now, he needs some rest. Ranbir is with his mother. Vikram is waiting for him. Ranbir comes and Vikram grabs him to the corner. Abhi is thinking about Pragya. He thinks that Meera will say no to this marriage as she knows how much I love Pragya.

Vikram says to Ranbir that he is taking the wrong step. He tells him about his story that once he left his dream for his father. And Ranbir is doing the same mistake. Ranbir asks him what he wants to say. Vikram says don’t marry Riya because of your mother. Listen to your heart, we all know that you love Prachi and can’t live without her. Ranbir says he can do anything for his mother that is why he is going to marry Riya.

There Prachi recalls those moments which she spent with Abhi. Prachi tells Sahana that she wants to meet Abhi but can’t. She asks her not to share this thing with her as she doesn’t want to give her mother more pain. Sahana says okay. She later hugs Prachi to console her. There Abhi tells Meera that Riya wants them to get married.

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