Kundali bhagya 3 December 2020 Written Update : Mahira wants to kill Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Mahira is upset with Sherlyn. She tells her that she makes a bet with Preeta that her own husband will open her fast in front of her. But because of her plan, she loses her face in front of Preeta. She again starts breaking the things. Sherlyn says that it is not her fault. She so many times ask Mahira to open her eyes but she didn’t.

Mahira says she was to one who told her not to open her eyes so she didn’t do so. Sherlyn says but she can open her brain to think. Mahira says it is her fault that she use this plan of Sherlyn. Even she told her many times that this plan won’t work but because blind trust Sherlyn and in the end she got this.

She tells Sherlyn today Karan opens Preeta’s fast. He makes her drink water and feed her sweets in front of her eyes. She adds that only she deserves to be Karan’s partner thus now she will give poison to Preeta and end her game. Sherlyn tries to stop her but Mahira leaves. There Rakhi opens her fast. She asks Mahesh to wake up or else she won’t eat anything. She recalls how Mahesh used to gift her on every karwachuth.

She feels pain and starts crying. Preeta comes there, she feels sad for Rakhi. She enters the room and asks Rakhi what was she is saying to Mahesh. Rakhi tells her that she asks for Karwachuth gift. Preeta tells her that soon Mahesh will wakeup and give her lots of gifts. Sherlyn goes behind Mahira. Dadi asks Sherlyn to come with her. There Rakhi asks Preeta why she kept the fast when she is feeling low. Preeta tells because she knows how important this fast is. So she continued the fast. Rakhi hugs her. While Mahira mix poison in Preeta’s food.

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