Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2 December 2020 Written Update : Riddhima questions Vihaan

At the beginning of the episode, Grandma remembers Vihaan is talking about getting divorced. She recalls that Panditji also said that Vansh and Riddhima were not matched. Grandma’s health worsens. Vihaan comes and gives her medicine. Dadi says it was good that he remembered where her medicine box was. Vihaan says that grandmother being careless, so her condition worsened. Grandma says that she was paralyzed by the news of his death, so she did not think it necessary to take medicines. Vihaan says that the grandmother has to take care of her for his sake.

Dadi asks him to forgive Riddhima. Vihaan says whether Grandma’s heart agreed when Riddhima was going to be married to Kabir. Dadi says no but Riddhima decided for her own happiness so she did not say anything. And Riddhima can think for herself so she is not at fault. Vihaan says okay he will fix everything soon. Dadi says they should meet Siya. Vihaan tells Dadi to rest and says that he will meet Siya and Siya will get well soon too.

There, Ishani brings Riddhima to the outhouse and says that this is the place of Riddhima. She was lucky that she stayed in VR house but now her good days are over. She adds that soon she will leave here forever. Riddhima says she made a mistake by trusting Vihaan. Today he and Kabir are inside the house and she is outside the house. Further, Vihaan meets Siya and says that he will soon capture Siya’s enemy and punish him. Kabir sees Vihaan and Vihaan sees him. Kabir runs away before Vihaan catches him. Angre tells Ishani that the man is not Vansh but someone else. Ishani says this cannot happen. Angre says that Vansh wanted to find his mother’s killer and when he came back he has no concern about the killer. Ishani says why he didn’t tell her this thing earlier. Angre says Vansh forbade him.

There, Kabir presents evidence to Anupriya and tells her that the man who is present in their house is not Vansh. Anupriya says that they should present the proof against Vansh and put him in jail. Kabir says he erased the evidence. Anupriya gets shocked.

Vihaan comes into the room and is happy to see the room. Riddhima thinks why Vihaan did this. The maid comes to give food to her. Riddhima comes to the VR house disguised as a maid. Aryan stops her. He asks her to clean his room but Vihaan asks Riddhima to fix his room first. Further Riddhima questions Vihaan why he did this. Vihaan says so that no one can doubt them.

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