Qurbaan Hua 3 December 2020 Written Update : Will Chahat come across Dr. Baigh?

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was confused about who was behind the iron factory incident. Chahat thought of going to Neel and discuss with him on this topic. Chahat went to him and saw something feel into Neel’s eyes, and he was rubbing his eyes. Chahat used a cloth and made it warm by blowing air and applied on Neel’s eyes. Chahat said, Neel, to let her cook the meal. Neel helped Chahat and had a romantic session.

Neel and Chahat shared an eye. Chahat went on adding salt, and Neel was tasting it from another spoon. Suddenly family members came home and saw Neel and Chahat close to each other. Alekh felt jealous and hit the candle stand, which fell, Neel and Chahat then got alerted and stood normally. Alekh said they wanted you to spend some time with each other. Vyas Ji said Alekh to come with him as he wants to talk about something important.

Godhmbhari said Chahat to serve the meal as it is smelling good. Chahat was serving, suddenly Alekh held her hand and said Neel will manage everything. Chahat stood and went from there. Alekh thought of sparring Neel and Chahat. Godhmbari tasted the food and found it salty. Bhupender called Neel and said that Dr. Baigh is trying to escape. Neel turned and found Chahat was standing at the door. Then Chahat came was about to say suddenly Neel phone rang and he went side to talk on the phone. Then Neel came and asked what she was saying, suddenly Alekh came with Kripa and requested her to make quiet her. Chahat sang a song for Kripa to make her sleep.

Dr. Baigh was requesting water and stood up for water. Dr. Baigh found an air lantern and recalled his promise of blowing a lantern to find each other. Chahat was worried about Dr. Baigh and requested her mother for a sign about his father. Dr. Baigh blew that lantern in the air. Accidently Dr. Baigh feels into the big utensil, and afterward, that was mistaken as a holy offering and sent to Vyas Ji’s house.

Bhupender informed Neel that Dr. Baigh us missing. Chahat was requesting God for a sign through which she can be assured that Dr. Baigh is safe. Suddenly Chahat saw the lantern in the air and felt happy. Bhupnder noticed that utensil in which the holy offering was there was still there, and they took the wrong jar i. Which Dr. Baigh would be present. Chahat was receiving a strong feeling that Dr. Baigh is nearly, suddenly she came across 2 men who informed her about the holy offering jar and went off. Chahat moved towards the jar slowly.

Episode end

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