Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 December 2020 Written Update – Ridhima kidnapped Kairav

At the beginning of the episode, Nairs got to know that Ridhima’s license got canceled previously when she was in the US. She thought of informing Kartik, but he itself came there then she shows that paper to him. Naira starts worrying about Kairav and saw her from the balcony and thought of going downstairs. Somebody called Kairav, and he went off from there. The maid followed him, but he was not visible to her anymore.

Kartik and Naira come down and found Kairav is missing. Then they started searching for Kairav. Naira suddenly shouted that she took my son with her. Ridhima was driving and thinking that no one can snatch his son from him. Kartik told Naira to calm down and called Ridhima, but he got no answer. Naira claimed that she finds his Arjun in our Kairav, so she was so attached to Kairav. Kartik informed the police. Then the security guard informed that Ridhima took Kairav with them. Kairav noticed that the way they are going is not for the airport, but Ridhima misguided him by saying that we are going through a shortcut.

Dadi was not well, and the family members thought of informing Naira and Kartik about this, but Naira did not pick the call as she was tensed. Naira and Kartik were in the car to catch Ridhima. Kairav recalled once Kartik taught how to sense the insecurity and how to escape from there. Suddenly Kairav started coughing and requested water.

Ridhima stopped the car and went out for water. Kairav tried to call Naira but was unable to connect to her. Then Kairav went out and requested a tea seller to give him his phone but still, he was unable to connect to her mother. Kairav told that seller to inform her mother of that number and inform her about me. Naira got a call from the tea seller and informed her about the location.

Dadi was continuously saying to call Kartik and Manish was angry at them for not receiving the call. Kairav was dropping a few things outside the window as an indication. Kartik saw Kairav watch on the road and followed that path. Ridhima told Kairav that no one can steal you from him.

Kairav told me he knows you are trying to kidnap me. Kartik and Naira noticed Ridhima’s car, and fasten up their car. Kairav was shouting for help. When Kartik overtook that car, then she saw some other people are sitting in that car. Ridhima’s car got hit by a tree, and they escape from there. Kartik and Naira noticed that car and saw Kairav specs, and then hear Kairav’s voice.

Episode end

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