Shaadi Mubarak 21December 2020 Written Update – Nandni insults KT

At the beginning of the episode, KT tells everyone that he finds his true love in Preeti, and she thanks Preeti for that. Everyone applauds him. He says maybe he said so many good things. He asks Preeti to dance with him they then dance and share deep eyelock moments. Nandni and Arjun look on. Later their dance ends. Everyone is happy and clapping for them to accept Nandni and Arjun. Nandni they played well now she need to end their game.

She too claps and tells KT that he danced very well and finds a perfect dance partner after her. Also, Preeti catches moves very well. She adds that as per the Christmas ritual they have to kiss each other. KT glares at her. Nandni asks what? They are a married couple, they can do it, it is legally allowed. KT says of course he can. Neel asks KT to do it. Sneha forbid. Neel says it is normal. KT grabs Preeti and tries to come close to her. Preeti recalls KT words that he used earlier. She pushed him away saying no. She runs away from there.

Nandni starts taunting KT. Preeti tells Kusum that how KT has changed. She says she marries KT for friendship but after marriage, she lost her friend, she tries to remove the hate rate from KT’s heart but every time gets failed. Nandni says Preeti leaves him as if he is another man. She adds that it is very shameful that Preeti doesn’t like his touch. There, Kusum tells Preeti that Nandni wants to break their marriage but can’t do it in front of her love power, she is just a crazy gust of wind that flows away soon.

While Nandni keeps insulting KT in front of everyone. Nandni tells that their marriage is a big lie. KT stands still. Later KT drinks alcohol and recalls what Nandni had said. He goes to Preeti and asks why she didn’t let him kissed her. Preeti says because it is a private moment, we can’t show it to people.

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