Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 21 December 2020 Written Update – Will Sai convince Pakhi?

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi was thinking about something and cutting vegetables suddenly Usha and Sai went there and told everyone that she is here to take back Pakhi with her. Pakhi told her she knows. very well that Virat might force you to come here and take me back. Sai told there is no bond between them so it does not matter you live in this house. Sai requested Pakhi yo come back come as everyone is missing you.

Pakhi said she knows very well who is happy or not. Sai told me I have not any problem if you and Virat will talk as I have accepted that you both are good friends. Sai told Virat had done many things for him so she has come here to take you back. Pakhi’s mother told Sai not to insult her indirectly. Pakhi advised Sai to go back and not to create a scene over here as everyone would be waiting for her.

Sonali came and shouted at Karishma for being sitting and not keeping an eye on the kitchen. Karishma thought of calling Sai to help him in the kitchen. Suddenly Devyani came chanting that she will not reveal to anyone that where Sai went. Sonali sweetly asked her to reveal where Sai has gone. Then Karishma gathered everyone and informed them that Sai is missing from the house.

Sai told no one is waiting for her and she only wants Pakhi to return to that house. Pakhi’s mother told Sai not to say anything about their bonding neither negative nor positive. Sai told she is only speaking the truth. Sai told Pakhi to come back for Virat at least. Usha also insisted Pakhie come back home. Sai told Pakhi to think from his heart once and leave from there.

Everyone in the house was discussing that where Sai went without informing suddenly Virat came home and asked why all you are worried. Bhavini told your wife again to go out without informing anyone. Baba said every time Ashwini does the same leaving the responsibilities and going to her mother’s home. Bhavini told Virat has learned to argue with there elders by staying with Sai. Bhavini told no one can stay happy in the presence of Sai. Bhavini thought of going to Pakhi House and bring her back home. Suddenly Sai came back home. Omkar said Viratbto ask her where she went without informing anyone. Sai denied revealing where he went and said Usha to not say anything or else she will not talk with her anymore. Bhavini taunted Virat for not getting a single reply from her wife than how he would make the criminals speak the truth. Virat showed his stick and said that this makes the criminals speak the truth. Sai thought Virat is indirectly pointing towards him and told him to beat him. Virat told her that he knows what he is speaking very well.

Episode end

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