Namak Issk ka 21 December 2020 Written Update – Chamcham took a pledge to earn money and respect both in the society

At the beginning of the episode, Chamcham came back and said I know I am a dancer I just hid my identity because people don’t respect my profession and I needed money very much. Chamchacm joined her hands, and apologize to them for her mistake. Rupa told her not to say like this. Chamcham told Yug not to insult her talent like this as God also dances, and like this, you have insulated him too. Chamcham warned him if he insulted her talent anymore, then she won’t bear this at all.

Chamcham told him that she will not eater this house anymore and went off from this house. Chamchacm was on her way and recalling Yug words. Chamcham throws that gift that Yug gave him. Suddenly Chamcham saw a god was playing with that gift and started snatching from him. Iravati told Rupa you should not take a stand of a dancer like this. Rupa told her that there are different type of people in this world all have there personal issues and problem and we can not judge anyone. Rony came across Chmcham and tried to show sympathy to her.

Yug was jogging and recalling Chamcham words. Chamcham thanked Rony to help her like this. Chamcham went off from there and he saw Yug jogging and stopped him to have tea with him. Rupa prayed to god to protect her family and keep them safe. Gunjan was inviting their friends for her marriage. While praying Rupa’s cloth catches fire, and she was unaware that Yug noticed that and saved her from that fire and started shouting at Gunjan for being so careless. Iravati slapped Gunjan and dragged her, and told him to get out of the house. Gunjan told Iravati that you do not leave any chance to show me down and says that she know this slap was for some other reason and she is jot responsible for Rupa face burnt mark.

Chamcham was not having food, lucky and Rani were asking Chamcham that why she is not having her meal. Chamcham said this world only respects the person who has money. Chamcham told them she would earn money and respect too. Yug told Rupa if you were not there that day, then our mother would not be with us. Gunjan cam and apologies to Rupa for saying such things in aggression. Rony heard this and thought-full family is getting emotional and hugging each other.

Badi Amma told Iravati not to worry about anything as Rony loves Rupa very much. Iravati I do not want that anyone should suffer like me. Rupa assured her that gis both sons will not do anything wrong. Rony called Chamcham can suddenly maid came and called Rony for dinner Chamcham heard that sound and told him that she is aware with that voice Rony fooled her by saying that she is her aunt and everyone aunt voice is similar to each other.

Episode end

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