Barrister babu 21 December 2020 written update -Will Sampoorna turn into evil?

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita and Anirudh try to find Sorav. Bondita ask Anirudh what is sati? Anirudh recall when Bondita’s old husband died one woman asked Bondita to perform sati ritual but at that time Anirudh saved her. He tells Bondita when someone’s husband dies that woman needs to burn herself with her husband. Bondita says this is wrong. Anirudh says right thus they need to prevent Sampoorna from doing so.

Later they finds that flower path ends. They try to find other way to find Sorav. Ahead, people are going to perform antimsanskar of Sorav but a man tells Munshi ji that Sorav’s dead body is missing. There Anirudh is performing antimsanskar of Sorav. He recall good moments which he spent with Sorav. He remember how he and Bondita saw a pandit ji anf they went behind him and that’s how they find Sorav and takes him with them.

Anirudh says he did it as he promised Sorav that he will take care of Sampoorna. Bondita and Anirudh cries seeing antimsanskar of Sorav. Later he give asthiya of Sorav to Munshi ji saying that he did antimsanskar of him. Sampoorna cries while beating Anirudh saying that how can he do that, how can he snatch this right from Sorav’s father. Anirudh says he can’t let her burn herself thus he did it and it is not wrong, life is more important than anything.

Biraj grabs Sampoorna’s hand and ask her to leave her house. Surmini calls Sampoorna bad omen. Bondita says Sampoorna will live with them. She ask Anirudh about his opinion. Anirudh says right, she can live with them. Sampoorna angrily says if she ask for his mercy. Anirudh says he just want to help her. Devoleena ask Sampoorna to go with Anirudh.

She teaches something bad to Sampoorna and Sampoorna is ready to go with Anirudh but before that she wants to go to Vrindavan. Later after one week, Bihari days Bondita is coming now she is get back the light of this house. Trilochan says but Sampoorna is also coming and as a widow she will bring darkness in the house. Later Anirudh and Bondita arrives with Sampoorna. Bondita tells that from now on Sampoorna will handle kitchen work.

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