Announcing that Aly had asked them to take care of Jasmin was not at all cool: Ilham Goni

When Aly Goni entered the reality show “Bigg Boss” as a wild card entry he told everyone that he has come for his BFF Jasmin Bhasin, and when he was leaving the house, he told his close ones in the house – Rahul Vaidya, Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla and Eijaz Khan – to take care of her in his absence. But unfortunately during a task and even normal conversation, the housemates made sure to tell Jasmin that Aly had asked them to take care of her.

Aly’s sister Ilham Goni feels that saying it out loud was not good on their part. She said, “Aly was concerned and that’s why he told everyone to take care of Jasmin, but announcing it all the time was not at all cool, because if you really want to take care of someone you won’t announce, you will just do it. I think Rahul was the only one who genuinely took care of Jasmin otherwise everyone just tried to use it.” Talking about Aly’s eviction the first time, Ilham said that it was quite shocking for them. She said, “We didn’t expect his eviction on the basis of a task, we thought it will be based on voting. It was kind of shocking for us when he left the house, but the choice he had that one of them had to leave, it was obvious that Aly would leave because he was in the show for Jasmin.”

Ilham also revealed that even Rahul’s exit was quite unexpected for them. She added, “He is one of the strongest contestants of the show. He has a huge fan following and I think nobody expected it to happen.” Both Aly and Rahul have entered the show again. Ilham feels that with Rahul and Jasmin by his side, it will be interesting to see Aly’s game now. “Aly has always given his best and now also I am sure he will give his best. He will do everything according to the strategy he has in mind. Jasmin was already there, and Rahul is back too, he has two great bonds with him, so it will be great to see him now playing,” Ilham signed off.

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