Naagin 5 20 December 2020 written update – Veer accept Chandni’s proposal

At the beginning of the episode, Veer tells Bani they had earlier was only rubbish and if she doesn’t want to lose her pride more than leave from here. Bani says how can he scolds her like that. Veer ignores him. Later Bani tells Meera everything. Meera asks how can he says so. Bani recalls how Veer used to love her but now he admits that he doesn’t love her anymore. She says that means everything is a lie. Meera says if she feels like so. Bani says but he admits that. She then recalls more words of Veer.

She says she thinks that something is wrong with him. Jay comes and says but Veer like that. Bani says but he is very gentle with her. Daksh says maybe Veer put drama in front of her. Tapish says no, he saw love in his eyes. Meera adds her too. Tapish tells them about Vigaj. He tells that he is a good soul who knows about everything and eagles can reach them. Bani says fine let’s go, she asks Daksh and Ponky to take their eye on Veer. They agree. Bani and others arrive at Vigaj gufa. Bani asks Tapish where is Vigaj? Tapish says Vigaj only comes when he trusts them.

Bani calls Vigaj and asks him to help her out. She says his husband is in danger, his behavior is getting worse day by day thus she needs his help to get to know what happened to her husband. Tapish says maybe he won’t come. Jay agrees with it. While Vigaj came and ask Nageshvri what she wants? There, Daksh and Ponky notice the moon at day time. They got confused. Ponky wants to take a nap but Daksh asks him to wake up and keep his eye on Veer.

There Vigaj has a mixed conversation with Bani and later he goes from there. Jay says he is a fraud. Bani says no, she got her answer, lets go home. While Veer gets out of his room. Daksh and Ponky try to stop him but he flies high. Daksh wants to track him but lost the way.  Bani came and Daksh and Ponky tell everything to Bani. While Veer meets Chandni. Chandni flirts with him. He too gets attracted to her. Later it is shown that Veer and Chandni about to get married and there Jay and Bani about to get married. Then Flashback starts, Bani tells everyone about Veer.

Ahead a postman comes and gives Bani some photographs. She notices the blue eyes of Veer in photos and thinks that someone cast a spell on him. She goes to her room and recalls how Veer told her that he will bring her to the moon as he has some connection with the moon. On the other hand, Chandni asks Veer to ask whatever he wants and she will give it to him. He asks for gold coins and one more thing. She gives it to him. He says wow. Chandni asks if he will marry her now. There, Jay comes to Bani. He asks if She is okay. She says no, she tells Jay that maybe Veer is on the moon. Veer and Chandni to purpose him on her knees. She does the same.

Veer gets ready to marry her. Jay says if Bani is mad as they are snakes, not eagles, they can’t fly. Bani says as Savitri brings her husband back so can she do. Veer says but her husband was Satywan. He is about to use bad words for Veer but Bani shut him up. Bani says she will get her husband back. Jay asks but for how? Bani taunts saying she doesn’t even know how to forgive him but she did it and like that she also did that. She goes to Chandrkala. Chandrkala asks her to help her. She adds that she knows that she was wrong and feels sorry for that, now please get me out from here. Bani says fair deal. Chandrkala smiles.

Bani pushes trisul. Chandrkala shouts. Bani asks her to shout more, shouts till the sea hears her. Chandrkala asks if she knew everything. Bani says yes and she even turns the table. Chandrkala asks then why she came here. Bani tells her the real reason. She goes inside the magical door. She thanks the magical door as the earlier door helped her. But the door asks the real reason for her arrival. Door adds that he can’t help Bani whenever she wants. Bani says she wants to get back her husband so please help her. The door says now you’re asking for more and more. Bani says she wants nothing for herself, she just wants her husband. The door says fine. Bani notices some stairs. The door says that these stairs make Bani reach the moon. Bani is about to take her step on the stairs but that asks Bani to give her eyesight to him then she can go to the moon. Bani stands still.

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