Qurbaan Hua 21 December 2020 Written Update – Meera plans to expose Chahat

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat stopped Meera from slapping him and told her that we are having to fake a relationship to just find the real culprit of Saraswati’s murderer. Chahat revealed that she is Muslim, and we both together to prove Dr. Baigh innocent. Chahat told Meera not to worry as we do not have any feelings for each other. Meera said I was so worried, but now I am stress-free as I got to know that you have no feelings for Chahat. Vyas Ji asked Chahat that why your friend is creating a scene. Chahat apologies on behalf of her.

Vyas Ji gave an old necklace to Chahat and told her that he is giving this previous necklace on her first Mohini Puja. Vyas Ji told Neel to help Chahat in wearing this necklace. Meers was a little upset seeing Chahat is getting all importance and attention. Neel thought in his mind that how easily Chahat told Meera that we are not having any feelings.

Meera was about to take a selfie with Chahat hut Vyas Ji stooped nad said this necklace is not for any showoff on social media. Meera felt sad about this. Chahat was eating chilies and felt guilty for telling a lie to Vyas Ji. Neel came and stopped Chahat from eating those chilies and asked why she came back here if she does not have feelings for him. Chahat said she only came back, to tell the truth to Vyas Ji and not to run like that from him. Chahat went off from there, then Neel said to himself that he knows very well that you have come back for me.

Chahat was crying in her room and talking to her mother that her love life remained incomplete. Suddenly Meera came and requested Chahat to show her that necklace. Chahat told Her to be careful Merra told her not to worry as this necklace will come to her only. Meera asked Chahat that she was telling about her lover and all. Chahat told her she lied to her to get a lift from you.

Meera was trying to remove Chahat Sindoor, but she stopped her from doing that by saying that this is for the long life of Neel and he is a good friend of mine. Meera found this reason idiotic, and suddenly Vyas Ji called her, and she went off from there. Meera thought one day she would get back all things from Chahat, which belongs to Neel. Vyas Ji told Chahat to arrange a female singer for tonight’s puja. Meera heard this and thought that a female singer would reveal your secret. Godhmbhari doubted on Chahat that she will be able to arrange a good singer for the Puja, but Vyas Ji said, I believe in her blindly.

Chahat came out and was waiting for that singer, which Meera referred to her suddenly she saw dancers with short clothes and went there to stop them and got to know that she is a dancer. Chahat told her to leave this house, but she recognized her as Dr. Baigh daughter and scared her of revealing her truth to everyone. Chahat asked her what she will take to go from here. That dancer told her to give your necklace to her, and suddenly Vyas Ji called out Chahat from the back. Vyas Ji came to mear Chahat and asked her about the.

Episode end

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