Kundali bhagya 21 December 2020 Written Update – Preeta notice Mahira at Manali

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta notices Mahira in the hotel. She wants to tell her about it to Karan but he is busy with his fan. Later Preeta gets time and she tells Karan about Mahira. Karan says she can’t be here, she is in Luthra’s house. But Preeta still believes that Mahira is here so she tries to find her. There Kareena lies to Rakhi that Mahira seeks. Rakhi asks what happened to her.

Kareena tells that she is having a bad headache. And ask Rakhi why she went to meet Sarla. Rakhi says she just feels like meeting her when she is in the market thus she goes to meet. Later she is about to go to Mahira’s room but Kareena stops her saying that they should not disturb her also Sherlyn is with her so she will take good care of Mahira. She asks if Rishabh informed her anything. Rakhi says yes, Rishabh told her about some issues and told her that he will come back once everything gets settled.

Sameer says his brother is smart thus he will solve everything soon. Rakhi says she is missing her sons. Sameer asks if he needs to call Rishabh. Rakhi says no there is no need. Kareena asks Sameer to take some rest as he needs to handle office work because his brothers are not here. Preeta calls Sameer and asks him where is Mahira, she saw her here. Sameer asks her to enjoy her honeymoon rather than thinking about Mahira. Preeta says he is behaving like Srishti. Later Srishti calls Sameer. Sameer tells her what Preeta said. Srishti, ask him to check Mahira.

He did the same and finds out that Mahira is missing from Sherlyn. Srishti says they are planning to spoil Preeta and Karan’s honeymoon. She says they need to do something. There, Preeta is about to see Mahira but Sherlyn takes Mahira with her. Preeta tells Karan that Mahira is here only. He says she is imagining things. He asks her to spend time with him, doesn’t think too much about other stuff. Later a fan asks Karan to give her an autograph. He gives it. That fan is shocked to see his autograph. Preeta asks why she is so shocked. Karan tells because she signs Karan Preeta Luthra. Preeta stands still. There Mahira misbehaves with that fan. Sherlyn asks her not to go out like so. On the other hand, Karan teases Preeta and laughs at her condition.

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