Choti Sarrdaarni 19 December 2020 Written Update – Trouble for Sarab and his family

In the beginning of the episode, Karan was crying loudly, and Sarab was trying to stand, but Param told him to rest as he will feed milk to him. Param brought his milk bottle and gave it in his hand. Param told Sarab that today he would take care of them.

The doctor came and examined Kukwant and advised their family members to give her food and medicines. Kulwant said she would not eat until she got to know about Meher. Amrita insisted Kulwant to have her meal as, like this, Meher would not be traced.

Meher came back was about to apply oil on Sarab’s back, but he was not willing to turn around then Meher forced him to turn around, and then Meher noticed injury marks on his back and asked him to reveal how he got this hurt. Them Sarab acknowledged Meher about the incident. Meher said because of them who have suffered a lot. Sarab told her that he is because of them. Then Meher gave a Massage to Sarab to fix his back pain. Sarab was trying to romance Meher, but she told him not to be so romantic as she will punch him on his back.

Kulwant announced that she would pay 1 lakh who find her daughter and applied a scheme that 10 people will tell the next 20 people to find Meher and that 10 will advise another 10. Kulwant told everyone not to leak this in media.

Aditi came to know that, the menu of the dinner was changed by Harleen, and she decided to distribute food packets among the beggars until Sarab comes back home.

Param asked Meher about the dinner, then Meher told her that, today she had made a special Khichdi for him. Sarab asked Meher to serve him first, but Meher said first Param would eat than anyone else. Param saw the food and said this is very less for all of us, how we will manage. Then Meher and Sarab acted of not having cravings. Meher told Param to thank God before start eating. Meher and Sarab got tears in their eyes, but they wiped them to hide from Param.

Aditi said her staff to replace the name of the first wife with the second one and every donation would be with her name and gave a cheque of 11 lakh, but Harleen came and gave him a cheque of 21 lakh and said, him to keep the name as it is. Harleen requested Vikram to inform him for sure when he got to know about Sarab.

The little gang released mousses in Sarab’s house. Param saw them and starred jumping all around. Meher told Sarab to make them run away from here as soon as possible. Sarab told Meher that she is very brave, and she can easily throw them by picking them with their tail.

They all threw all the mousses outside the house, then Param said there is a ghost who is trying to scare us and insisted them to take him back to Gill’s mansion. Meher heard some noise and went outside to figure it out.

Episode end

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