Kumkum bhagya 21 December 2020 Written Update – A shocking gift for Pragya!

At the beginning of the episode, Riya recalls how Pragya beats those goons. She starts beating the bed with a hanger imaging herself as if she is beating the goons. Aliya comes there she notices a cockroach and gets afraid. She jumps on the bed. Riya too notices the cockroach and her to jumps on the bed. Aliya asks why did she jump isn’t she is beating the cockroach? Riya says no, she just recalls her mom beating goons so she does so. Aliya asks if she called Pragya as her mom. Riya says yes. Aliya asks but why.

Riya says because she is her mom. Aliya asks them what about Meera who cares for her. She adds Pragya is a fake mom who only loves Prachi. Riya agrees while recalling how Pragya helped Prachi but not her. Aliya provokes her more saying that now Pragya wants to snatch Abhi from her. Riya recalls how Prachi hugged Abhi. There, Pragya and Abhi are upset. Both think that why they both hide from each other’s if they are too bad that they can’t unite.

Sarita gives milk to Pragya and asks her to have it. Pragya asks why Abhi hurt her like that. Sarita asks Pragya to ask Abhi. Pragya tells that she used to think that Abhi loves her but her belief was false. Now soon Abhi will marry Meera and she will lose her dear ones. She hugs Sarita while crying. Sarita calms her down. Pragya asks her to take a rest and she will have this milk. Sarita says fine and leaves. Dadi asks God to help Abhi and Pragya.

Then a man knocks at the door and gives Dadi wedding cards. Dadi wants to hide them but Mitali spoils her plan. Mitali tells Aliya that Abhi wants to call someone special for his wedding. Later Abhi comes to Pragya’s home. Prachi welcomes him. He says he loves her. Prachi says she knows. Sahana suspects Abhi and asks if later he is going to hurt his mother and daughter. Abhi asks if she truly loves them then always loves them. Sarita tells Pragya about Abhi’s arrival.

She thinks now Abhi will fix everything as he promised. She goes to Abhi thinking that he is coming here to fix everything while Abhi gives her his wedding card which makes Pragya upset. Prachi notice Pragya with tears.

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