Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 February 2022 written update: Manish gets Abhimanyu in jail

In the beginning of the episode, After arriving at the police station, the police says to Abhimanyu that now his lover boy attitude might have come down because of the girl he is in jail because of. Abhimanyu says to the officer that the girl’s name is Akshu and he hasn’t done anything wrong. Harshwardhan, Anand and Parth reach the police station and talk to the inspector, who gives them attitude and says that he won’t let Abhimanyu go as he assaulted an on duty officer. Abhimanyu looks at Anand and says to him it’s not true. Harshwardhan makes a call to the commissioner and gives the phone to the inspector, who is instructed to not make a case as Abhimanyu has not assaulted him. The inspector says that he will let go of him when he writes a formal apology letter, Abhimanyu writes Sorry on the paper with a smiley emoji. The inspector says he will forget what Abhimanyu has done to him but now it is upto Manish Goenka to decide if he signs the complaint or not. Meanwhile, Kairav consoles Akshu, who says to him that Abhimanyu just loves her and he shouldn’t be punished for that.

Manish arrives and picks the register to sign, Anand says to him to not bring their personal problems here and they can talk that out. Harshwardhan says to him that Abhimanyu’s reputation and career would get affected. Abhimanyu goes on his knees and says to him that don’t do anything that makes Akshu feel that her grandfather doesn’t love her and brings tears to her eyes. Manish signs the register.

He reaches home and is going to his room, Akshu stops him and asks him what happened with Abhimanyu, he doesn’t reply and moves forward. She blocks him and says he has to tell her. Meanwhile, at the police station Harshwardhan says to Abhimanyu that he has been telling him to stay away from Akshu and now see what he is getting into and staying at her own house. Abhimanyu says to him that he is sure that Akshu might be fighting for him.

Akshu says to Manish that Abhimanyu has just came to their house for her and that might have gotten him angry but he didn’t attack the inspector and she saw that. The family supports Akshu and says to Manish that if Akshu is saying that Abhimanyu hasn’t done anything then it is true. Abhimanyu thinks to himself that Akshu might be okay and prays to God.

Manjuri comes to the Goenka house and requests Manish to take back the case against Abhimanyu as he he hasn’t done anything wrong, Manish says Abhimanyu created drama outside their house, she says to him that if Abhimanyu can go to jail for creating drama then, Kairav can definitely put there too for causing Anisha to suicide.

Upcoming- Arohi calls Akshu and says that something has happened to Manish. She on the bike asks Abhimanyu what he was scared of to happen tk Manish, he tells her it’s a heart attack. Manish is brought to the Birla hospital.

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