Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21 September : Kartik is in panic mode

After many attempts, Krishna’s call was not reachable and Kartik started panicking. Then Kartik leaves to see Krishna. After a few moments, Naira with his family also leaves on a bus. Naira was a little worried about Kartik so he called him and said he is waiting for him and come back as soon as possible. The baby inside the bump was kicking and Naira was calming the child.

Naira reached home and was sitting in the garden in the wait of Kartik. Swarna comes to Naira with a glass of juice. And ask her to take rest. Or else Kartik will scold all of them for the carelessness towards Naira.

Naksh and Kirti were discussing how they will share their divorce decision to Krish and all family members. Kerva made a video call to Naira to ask about the little baby which was inside the bump. And he also addresses that Dad’s phone was unreachable he is trying for one hour. Then Naira called Kartik again but he didn’t pick up, but sent a text message, that he is fine and I will call her after some time.

When Gayu and Vansh video call ended, Samarth entered in a rude mood and asked Gayu that is she deaf why can’t she listen Vatsal is crying for long. He also scolded Gayu for her carelessness against Vatsal. Naira was in an empty room and searching for Kartik, after few moments she saw Kartik was lying dead over a stretcher covered with the white cloth, and after that Naira opened her eyes and felt it was just a bad dream and Panicky she started checking for Kartik message, but there was no response and Naira was little scared.

Episode ends.

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