Yeh Hain Chahtein 21 September : Rudraksh confesses the truth

On entering the room Preesha was a little shocked watching Rudraksh laying on the bed unconscious. Preesha tries to wake him up and says that her parents are leaving and they are asking about Rudraksh. After listening to this Rudraksh tried to stand straight but feel down, then Pressha says Rudraksh to take rest and she will alone see off her parents. As soon as Yuvraj finds the room empty and move towards Rudraksh to kill him, Yuvraj was about to stab but he listens to footsteps and again hides behind the curtains. Preesha comes to Rudraksh with a glass of lemon juice and made him drink, after that Rudraksh feels better.

Then Pressha gives Rudraksh a pen which her father gave him to give it to Rudraksh as a gift. Rudraksh becomes so happy and starts pressing Preesha’s father and also taunted his own father for being a money-minded person. While speaking Rudraksh becomes emotional and starts crying and says he was never get loved from his dad, Pressha tries to calm down her but, Rudraksh was a little unconscious and high. Then Rudraksh in an unconscious state starred revealing his father’s secret that how he has destroyed the careers of other singers and Rudraksh also mentioned that how his father has managed with the support of bribe to maintain his fame in the top list.

And after listening to this Yuvraj started recording all this on his cell phone. Rudraksh mother enters the room and asked why you both are not attending the party, Preesha’s in reply to that says that Rudraksh is a little unwell, in between Rudraksh started singing in a drunken way. Preesha and Rudraksh mother leaves the room to rest him. As soon as they both leave again Yuvraj comes near Yuvraj and says that he will not kill him as he has recorded everything which he will use to destroy him.

Yuvraj notice’s that Pressha has left her phone over the table, then he found that the phone is unlocked, taking this as an advantage Yuraj shares that video to Preesha and erase the details of the sender, as when the video will go viral, Video would be founded in Preesha’s phone and be blamed for this. Yuvraj leaves the room and soon as she reaches near the stairs, he saw Preesha stepping down the stairs and he was also feared of getting noticed by Preesha.

Episode ends.

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