Shaadi Mubarak 21st September : Preeti and KT stuck in the cabin

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti says that till today she had gone out only to get vegetables and today she is going out to get respect. Kusum says but why she is leaving so soon. Preeti says she will go to the office going to the temple, so she is leaving early. There KT is trying to get ready fast because he is getting late. Preeti reaches the office and since KT is not there, she starts preparing the details of what to do.

While even after a long time KT does not come there, so she calls him and asks where he is. KT says behind her. Preeti turns back and finds KT in front. They then go inside the office. Preeti finds the office very empty. And she asks KT when will he hire other people. KT says very soon. He then calls Preeti inside his cabin. Preeti hesitates at first but then goes to his cabin.

Preeti does not go inside the cabin and stands at the door. KT asks her to move through the door. And then he locks the door through a digital lock. KT says he has installed these locks and this is what he wanted to show Preeti. Preeti asks him to open it. But KT forgets the pin and cannot open the door. Preeti is very angry about this. But KT says that he has noted these pin numbers at home and will get the number from home.

He calls and asks his family member to tell him the PIN. At first, they do not even get a pin, but then KT’s uncle gets the pin on the roof and he gives the pin to KT. KT tries to open the door again. But the door is closed for 24 hours. And there Shyam informs them that some people have come to give interviews. KT tells them to wait. Preeti is very angry at KT.

Tarun is working in his office. His friend comes there and tells him that a new girl has joined, which is very good at work. Tarun realizes that the girl is none other than Priyanka. Tarun smirks and says Priyanka will never forget the first day of her office.

Preeti asks KT whether he can give her the number of the service center or he has forgotten it too. KT gives her the number. Preeti calls the service center and tells them about the problem. They inform Preeti that they will be there in 2 hours. Episode end.

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