Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 21st Sep : Roshni and Aman is in new problems

At the beginning of the episode, Rubina and Shayari inform everyone that this the door of hell, and one Jin has come out.  And the jin of hell is very dangerous.  Aman says they have to find out who has come out.  They all chase the water target and head to the pool.  Aman hears some sounds there.  And Aman says that someone probably hidden in the water.  He calls Baazigar.  And uses his magic and a water ball comes in front of him.  And a woman comes out of it.  Everybody goes to that woman.  Aman says this woman is unconscious but alive.  Salma says how one can stay alive in water for so long.  Rubina says because she is a jin.  Aman asks Rehan to take the woman inside.

Rehan brings the woman inside.  Shayari says they should not trust the naive woman.  Because innocent looks are very vicious.  Rehan and Roshni agree.  Aman then goes to the fridge because this is the hell door and he tries to close it.  They then try to shut that door down with a help of a chain.  Rubina says that these doors is still not completely closed.  This can only stop jins for a while.

Shayari says that she knows a good jin who can help them.  Aman asks her to do so.  Roshni is playing with Armaan there.  And Aman also comes there and joins them.  Aman stares at Roshni.  Roshni says why is he seeing her like this.  She says she only wants to find out whose powers Armaan has.  Aman says that he has jin powers.  Roshni say no and says he has the powers of Ayana.

Next, the woman wakes up, and then someone is coming towards the room.  And this is Salma who is passing through there.  The woman asks for water from her.  Salma asks her to first explain why she has come here.  The woman says first give him water to drink because she is very thirsty.

There, Aman and Roshni try to find out whose powers Armaan has.  Aman says that if Armaan picks up the pot with magic then he will have powers jin and if he picks up the toy then Ayana.  Armaan picks up the toy and Roshni says it proves that he has Ayana Powers.  Aman says that this is cheating.

Salma gives water to women Jin.  The woman turns a glass of water more than 4 times and becomes a fish.  And disappear.  Salma gets shocked and tells this to everyone.

  They then go to the pool.  And ask her why she is here.  But she does not say anything.  That’s when Rehan’s assistant comes there and the women subdue him.  And Khanna falls into the water.  Episode end.

Precap: Woman jin gets Rehan under her control.

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