Nagin 20th Sep – Wishful morni Mayuri’s staggering entry

At the beginning of the episode, Bani is about to kill Pankaj but then Veer comes there. And Bani’s plan to kill Pankaj fails. Veer asks her what she is doing here with his brother. Bani says that she has won the bet as per the condition. And she does not consider it necessary to answer him. Then Bani and Veer fall into the water. Bani is immersed in water due to heavy chains and she decides to take it out. But Veer stops her from doing so. And says that she cannot remove it without hid will. Bani gets angry and Veer says this is only the beginning.

Jai’s housemates are upset because he has not been found. And his sister tells her brother that Jai will be safe because he is also a snake. Jay’s brother says that he hopes he is safe. Jai’s sister also thinks that why Bani did not get Jai’s information, she thinks that maybe she is not worried about him and she is just pretending to be in love with him. His brother agrees. There, Jai is tied with rope. And a wishful Morni comes there who is joined with Shukla. And she takes Jai from there and conspires with Shukla to carry out further plans.

Bani removes the curtains of the entire house because she knows that the eagle cannot bear lights. And when Balwant feels light, he gets angry. And he asks to put the curtains back, but Bani says that the curtains have been washed away and she cannot put them back. Balwant gets angry. Bani then asks them to clean the house. They get shocked. But they do as Bani says. Veer comes there and is shocked to see them. Bani asks him to throw dirty water and fetch new water. But that waterfalls on the Bani. And then Mayuri comes there. And teases Bani on seeing this. And describes Veer’s choice as useless. On which Bani says that Veer is a fly who sees jaggery and sticks on it.

Mayuri and Bani then taunt each other one after the other to humiliate each other and make everyone laugh. Bani then takes Mayuri to the guest room, but Mayuri stops at Veer’s room. And says she has a habit of staying in this room. Then Mayuri’s hand accidentally touches Bani and Bani feels awkward. Bani does not understand why this happened. And to get the answer, she goes to the temple. But even there, she does not get the answer.

She then comes back home. While Mayuri insists Veer to party. And Veer gets agree with it only to annoy Bani. Mayuri thinks that today Adinagin’s truth will be revealed in this party. And then she puts medicine in Bani’s water. And ask Bani to get ready. She thinks Bani’s truth will be revealed and Veer will kill her. Episode end.

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