Qurbaan Hua 21 September : Gazala plans to escape with the bag

Neel and aalekh interrogated Gazala about Dr baig, she replied that just now he left the room talking over a call. After hearing this aalekh gussed that surely Dr baig would be inside the hospital.And immediately leaves the place. Takeing a deep breath Gazala leaves the place too to find Dr baig and escape form the hospital before getting caught. After searching for Dr baig Gazala decideds to leave the hospital all alone as she can’t put her life in risk for Dr baig. While Gazala was leaving the hospital aalekh and Neel stoped her and asked her how she knows Dr baig, within few seconds they decided that they will take gazala to Swara.

Gazala was now standing in Vyas ji house hideing her face with the saree. Jamana entered using harsh words against Dr. Baig and asked Gazala to show her face, but she didn’t responded after couple of Minutes, Jamana and Aalekh started forecing Gazala to remove her saree form the face and with little efforts they were able to sees Gazala face but they didn’t recognize her, At the same moment Vyas ji gets angry on Aalekh and Jamana on there cruelty done over a woman which was against his culture.
While Vyas ji was scolding Gazala felt happy for this that they didn’t recognize her at all. All sudden Vyas ji apologies Gazala for the rude behaviour and said that she has to tell them why she was helping Dr baig or else he will send her behind the bars.

Gazala cleverly make a fake story and hides her identity form Vyas ji. And also syas that now Dr Baig will kill her if she goes back to her home, in return to this Jamunaparshad gives and idea to keep Gazala as caretaker of Kirpa.But Vyas ji denies to this idea and asks Aalekh to drop her at widows heritage. Gazala leaves without takeing money bag and Vyas ji decides to donate all the money amount beggar’s.After listening this Gazala decides that she will not goona leave this house with this bag and did a faint acting Infront of the family and after watching her unconscious situation Vyas ji said to make her rest in the guest room.
Neel went to the hospital again in the search for Dr baig and he found Chahat there playing with a dog.Then he asked Chahat to pack her bag and go with him as there was a distribution of wheat among the poor people.Chahat also shares that, she felt like Dr baig was present in the hospital today, And leaves to bring her bag.
Episode ends

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