Nagin 19th Sep – Veer and Bani got married

At the beginning of the episode, Panditji sees 2 moons and Bani sees two Veer. Veer also sees the dead body and ask Bani why she killed his twin brother. Bani says because he killed her fiancé so she killed him. Veer thinks Bani is a common girl and his brother was an eagle, then how did she hit him. He asks Bani if ​​she noticed anything strange. Bani thinks that she cannot tell that she knows that they are eagle or else everything will be messed up. So she says she did not see anything strange.

Furious Veer goes to his brother and then comes to Bani, he thinks of punishing Bani. And binds her with her own scarf and brings his brother and Bani into a cave. Bani asks what is this place. Veer tells her to keep her mouth shut. He decorates his brother’s funeral pyre and sets fire to it. Veer thinks he will punish Bani for his brother’s death. He brings her back home.

Balwant comes there and says that Veer’s twin brother is not being found. He then notices Bani and asks her why she has not gone with her family members. Balwant says it means she is here for so long and she must have seen and heard it all. And so they have to eliminate her. Veer says that he should not dare to do anything because she is his future wife. Balwant says he cannot do it because he does not have his approval. Veer says his approval does not matter for him. Balwant gets angry about this and goes away from there.

Next, Veer lights the pavilion and then take feras with her. Both of them vow to ruin each other while taking feras.

Later, instead of putting vermilion on the head of Bani, Veer put black color. And instead of Mangalasutra, he puts cymbals around her neck. He then takes her away to give her a gift. Further, Shukla reveals that he has killed Veer’s brother. But Veer and Bani feel that Bani has killed him. There Veer and Bani come to her house. And Veer tells her aunt that they marry each other. Her aunt curses her. And Veer makes them face up by giving expensive gifts. Meera asks her the reason for her marriage and Bani tells her everything. Then Veer and Bani leave from there.

The family members of Jai are worried about Jai. And the police inform them that Jai’s dead body has been found. They all get worried. Here Veer’s brothers welcome Veer and Bani. Balwant and others are also there. And Balwant asks him if he knows what he is doing. Veer says yes. And then Veer’s brother gives Bani a challenge in which she cannot go to the room without completing it. Bani completes the challenge and goes to her room. There Veer ties her hands and goes to the party himself. Episode end.

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