Shaadi Mubarak 19th Sep : Priyanka helps Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, KT tells Preeti to work with peace and patience. And refuses to worry because worrying is not good for health. Preeti agrees to this. And then she comes to her house from there.

At home, Priyanka tells her sisters about her office project. And they like her project very much and praises her. Preeti is surprised to see Priyanka’s confidence. And she asks her how to become confident. Priyanka tells her that to get confidence it is necessary to have confidence in her work and herself. She asks her what are the things that she can do very well. Preeti says there is nothing like this. Priyanka says this is why she lacks confidence.

Priyanka asks her to find her merits and she does the same. And tells her that she is hardworking, time-saver, and she against wasteful expenditure and can work in a low budget easily. Priyanka says that she has a lot of merits and with help of these she can organize a very good wedding.

There KT’s mother and aunt are talking about Preeti. KT’s mother says that Preeti is low class but she is hardworking and beautiful in appearance. KT overhears these things and says that she should help him rather than this in the. His mother and aunt say sure.

Kusum shows Preeti a saree and asks her to choose one as it will be her first day of office, so she needs to look good. Preeti says that there is no need and she will wear anything as it is only her workplace, as well as look, doesn’t matter for her. In contrast, KT only wants to wear a white shirt because looks are important to him. He does not get his shirt and for that, his mother opens the showroom at night and orders the same shirt.

In the morning, Preeti is ready to go to the office and Priyanka too. Kusum feeds them curd sugar and they leave. KT is getting late for office and tries to get ready quickly. While Rati and Tarun think that Preeti can only get the job of a maid at this age. The episode ends.

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